Welcome to David Neagle’s More Than Enough Video series. Here’s your “FULL LENGTH” case study video…
Learn How To Remove Your Ego and how you can Live in Exceptional Abundance.

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  1. David I absolutely did get your program Art of Success 11 . You can so feel and tell the passion you have to share this unbelievable life altering information in your videos and program.. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to this content. I really resonated with Darla LeDoux when she said she was in the 10 yr self help isle??LOL That is me and im tired of being stuck.. I really felt at home when I first heard your Enough videos as you never mentioned your mentor but I had a feeling it was the same as mine, Bob Proctor.. I was just with him in Dec as I am a facilitator for his Thinking Into Results program and how you deliver your message has been like a aha moment and so many things were made so vividly clear in how you say them? I am really hoping to finally start my coaching business after AOS11. I look very forward to speaking with you:)
    Lots of love and grattitude,

  2. Thank you so much!! These videos are beyond amazing!!! I am so excited to face my fears and grow and I loved doing the exercises so much, thank you!! Its good to actually participate because sometimes if your just listening then I forget afterwards or dont put it into action!!

    • You’re welcome Phoebe. The whole process is meant to be experiential, that way it becomes fully integrated into who you are. It’s the best and fastest way to learn and move forward. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I really needed to see this right now. I’m just starting to transition my business and really
    need to be attracting the right clients to work with who really want to grow and
    value my time as much as theirs.

    Valuing my time starts with me first! When I place the true value on all of the time I invest
    to help my clients I believe I will attract the ones that will invest in their own success with
    me instead of pulling teeth and gluing things together with low results because they haven’t
    made as much of a commitment to their own success as I have.

    Thanks very much for this.

  4. Wow!. thank you. All those videos got me excited and energized to grow and dream bigger. Watched them and then went home and was excited to share the info with my hubby. Want to do all those exercises together with him. Thank you

  5. Hi David,

    Today I watched all 4 videos as I was doing housework – and deciding I needed to delegate that housework to a service provider – and I feel that I am coming away with a plan that feels bold and that will shift me from where I had been stuck. Stuck in debt! I’m ready to be free of that.

      • Well, I have been avoiding looking at my debt and setting goals that I can work toward. Also, creating priorities with my time will help me create time EVERY week and day that is dedicated toward feeling good and confident about the goals I am creating to have a positive cash situation. I also work with a life coach who will help guide me when I get stuck. I read your book – the Millions WIthin and loved it. I will use your book during my finance time that I set aside to examine my beliefs around why I am in this situation and how I need to feel to get out….that’s my plan so far.

        • Good start Michelle. Are you spending time on the phone making sales? That is the fastest way to eliminate the debt, as well as shift your thinking into a new direction. Once you master that skill there is nothing that can hold you back from reaching your pre-set goals.

          • Hm, never thought of that before. I’ll have to let that sink in and explore it a bit. I do Landscape and Interior Design – I’ll have to think about how that could translate into phone sales.

  6. I went through the exercise with the video and it gave me such a powerful feeling and I am sure it opened my second chakra. Thanks for sharing David as I am anxious to see how this is going to effect the work I complete today.

  7. I appreciate your coaching:going beyond my fear of never having enough money has kept me from taking action to serve others with my highest skills.Along with mind sets that convince us “we can’t be a spiritual person if we have alot of money!”
    I believe until I face these fears with courage & conviction;I will stay on the same tread mill forever!

    Thankyou Love & Light…

    • You most certainly can be spiritual and have money John. Do you think Mother Theresa had a 0-balance in her bank account? She was a wealthy woman who did tremendous good in this world. Think of all the good you can do with that same wealth. It is a tool, so get to using it.

  8. Thank you so much David for sharing your gifts with All:) Your videos are full of profound clarity, easy to understand and grasp principles and validation!!!


  9. The problem of fear or ego is what that can be changed when we listen and watch the video. After some time the chemistry present in our blood stream takes charge of the whole things once again and then it goes back where it was–sometime it shots back even more forcefully than ever before. The basic thing that we have to focus upon is that how to decrease the amount of Cortisol that keeps us always at a state of alert. Fear or Ego is just the tip of Iceberg but the Iceberg is deep inside our blood stream. In my view the chemistry (Adrenalin and Cortisol) is the cause and the fear or ego whatsoever is the effect. A prominent change can only come from the cause not from the effect.


    • I agree that one can begin the process of change when watching the video Qadir, but true change comes from taking action and moving forward. You can intend all you want, but it is the firm decision that brings all you want to you. Body chemistry is one thing, but feeling it in every cell of your being is something else entirely.

  10. David,
    Thank you for sharing the video. I was inspired by the information provided. I had an amazing shift in my own energy just by watching. Thanks again.

    • Excellent Kim. Would you mind sharing what your shift was? I have a feeling we would all benefit from it. Appreciate the comment.

  11. A very nice video and interview, David! And I felt the thruth in my body :) .

    I also so agree with Jocelyne’s remark about self worth, so I believe the act of self love is the foundation. By starting to love ourselves – with all our human behaviours – we naturally love others and can continue on our life path with ease.
    And in the flow attract the same way your beautiful client did. It was inspirational!

    With gratitude,

    • Great awareness Kicki. You have to get to a place where you love yourself before you can love anyone/anything else. That is what your heart desires.

  12. David, you wonderful, brilliant man you! Thank you! You just helped me to realize that I can do this and that I am braver than my fear. I cannot thank you enough for helping me breakthrough, so that I can begin to help others!

  13. Hi David, THis is ag very good approach.
    Write the result you want
    Describe the fear
    Take on the fear with the courageous behavioir you have just discovered you need

    Thank you very much


  14. Everything that stops us can, it seems to me, be put down to one thing – self worth.
    Its not to do with your qualifications or your experience, it’s just a belief as to whether you are good enough to do what you say you want to do with the witness of your ‘audience’.
    We fear ridicule – standing naked so to speak in front of others.
    Am I good enough? we ask ourselves and often say, no.

    • And what is behind that no Jocelyne? This is a common belief for people, not being good enough. We have to do something every day to prove to ourselves that we in fact are. Doing that little thing will pay huge dividends in the future.

  15. I’ve completed training in Life Coaching. Business cards are printed, website is up but I have 2 problems:
    1. I live in a cottage in the countryside with my husband and it’s an open space concept. Hubby works from home, and I have a full time job in town. No place to bring in clients and not enough income to rent an office.
    2. Both my job and my husband income are enough to live well but if I quit my job – we’d be up “shit creek” within one month! Yikes!
    So: No extra money, even less time, and no place to great prospective clients, even if I had some. Not a pretty prospect…
    So for now, I am developing some training material on what I know, that could be helpful to others. But in the meantime, I don’t see myself making any progress and don’t see how I could break through this “barely making a living” to having funds left over, after the bills are paid. What to do? Your video is inspiring but reality is: I don’t have a business to be able to quit my job and live from what I’d love to do: i.e. help women feel good about themselves, and run a successful business.

    • So what will you do Marie? You are stuck, awaiting a decision that could propel you to the next level and fill you with all those feelings of following your hearts desire. What is stopping you?

    • These videos have given me an insight of what i have to do. I have just left my full time job, because i was barely getting by with my Job. So i have taken a leap of faith to run my online cake decorating company. The information i have just received from you is what am going to apply to my business with confidence and boldness that i have right now and i know i will get results.

      • That is just fantastic Ruth. Following your dreams sends a powerful message to the Universe that you are committed to making it work. Don’t stop and keep moving forward.

  16. Thank you David.

    I’m changing all the verbs to present tense!!!!!…Because that’s where I am right now. I appreciate all you insight!!

  17. Confidence, or the lack of it is what has held me back. An opportunity was presented to me only in the last week and already my fear has taken a strong hold but unlike before where I’ve just decided not to pursue it, this time I am NOT turning back. As a friend said to me today “its do or die”. Its imperative I do this otherwise I WILL stay stuck and my life will not move on.
    I find the exercises very helpful as I can see I am on the right path where decision making is going.
    In fact, another opportunity presented itself to me today and yes I’ll pursue that one as well because it makes sense.
    Do I feel bold? No. Confident? No. Brave? Nope! But I feel like a fraud, not good enough, don’t know enough, you know the usual…
    Will I let this put me off? No, not any more because I am sick of feeling this way.
    Thank you David. Where would I be without your words of wisdom…?

    • There’s nothing stopping you Valerie; only yourself. Once you breakthrough that veil of lies and realize that you are good enough, the whole world will look different to you. The best news, it’s so very close.

  18. Hi David,

    This was a great video and the first of yours I have watched. It was forwarded to me by Sylvia Johnson. Great exercise! I will put it to use!

  19. I had another interesting thing happen. I wrote down a result I wanted and a fear right after that. I wrote that I wanted to find out where successful people hang out in our city and go there and mix with them. I’ve heard that many successful people are willing to help and guide someone aspiring to do what they do. My fear was that they may judge me in some way. I thought they might judge me and my old car I drive to get there. As soon as I wrote it, I saw it as an excuse and wrote the answer to it right away. I realized that if they judge me so easily then they’re not worth bothering with anyway. I want people who are open minded and willing to help. Then I wrote another fear toward the same result and the same thing happened. It occured to me that these were just excuses and that I should just do what I need to do right now. So I’m doing it. Consider my saying, “So I’m doing it.” the same as saying, “Burn the ships!”.

  20. I am not sure if I understood this exercise. My problem is actually not “fear of charging what I am worth”. Right now it’s more insecurity about “what I (?)/my service is worth”, whether I am good enough or rather, what I am good enough for. So what is lacking is confidence based on a clarity about what I can and what I can not do (I am working on this through practising a lot with many different people). Once I know “how good I am”, I actually don’t have difficulties to charge an appropriate price. Not sure if boldness helps here? If I had to translate this into fear, it would be may be to “disappoint” customers or to fail in delivering what they expect for the money, i.e. to “over-promise” and being called a “fraud”, instead of over-delivering and being called a “positive surprise”. So I make it cheap to make sure, disappointment on their side doesn’t happen :-) . Boldly staring this fear into the eyes just doesn’t work. What I need is convincing results. I probably didn’t understand the exercise properly? Thanks otherwise for the thought provoking series!

    • I think you understood it well enough Joseann. You have come to the realization that you are struggling with the value of your own services. Ask yourself this, would you purchase a program if you knew it would provide you with the keys to success? Obviously yes. So if you want to be a serious business owner you have to charge what you know you are worth. My time is not cheap, and that is for a reason. I attract a higher level of individual because my rates are taken seriously. You have to get clear on what it is you want and just put it out there. You won’t stretch and grow otherwise.

  21. Great videos, David! Excellent information, exercises and case studies. Inspiring and loving!
    I have already taken bolder actions since watching your videos and my income more than doubled this month. Huge thanks for the gentle push! I’ll listen to the Art of Success again and again.

      • Quadir, all you have to do is feel inside in that very moment that fear is nothing more than a lie of the ego; wanting to keep you in a place of utmost safety. What is the worst thing that can happen? As long as no one is in physical danger and you are not infringing on the rights of other to choose, this fear only perpetuates your feelings of being confused or lost. Make a decision and step fully into it.

  22. Thanks, David!

    Awesome 4-part videos! I realize that I have got some limiting beliefs to shatter.

    How can I get to know more about the Art of Success Program? I am looking for a business coach to help mentor and guide me. Can you please give me some info?

    • That’s great Evelyn. Were you able to get more information about this program? Reach out to my lead coach Steph (steph@davidneagle.com) and see if she can answer your questions about coaching. I look forward to hearing more about your breakthroughs.

  23. Hi, I have a choice, that’s good to know, but David I’m still afaid. I have to listen to all three of the tapes again. I’m afaid that I just won’t get it. HELP! I want to move on past this blind shot.

  24. I felt both empowered and tearful. I almost laughed at the bold side of me that was posturing about saying I can do this and yet felt vulnerable about saying goodbye to the old me, and the way I have protected myself against rejection. But the phrase ‘I am bigger than the money’ and ‘I am in charge’ really make me feel empowered and this is what I am going to remember. There are two short term goals I wish to achieve and now feel that I am sorting myself out and getting into a postion where I can achieve them. Sometimes seeing the truth through someone else’s eyes can make everything else seem to clear. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Hi David,

    Thank you so much for presenting this video series. I am very intrigued by the whole process and think it is amazing and can help me greatly, BUT… I’m discovering a hang-up around money. I get turned off by people complaining about being stuck with low 6-figure incomes. I’m now a single mom with two children, living with my parents in Santa Barbara because I don’t have the income to get into a 3-bedroom (or even 2-bedroom) apartment. I would need $6,500/mo. income to qualify for a 3-bedroom. That’s enough to make me happy — as long as I have enough time to be present to my own children. The struggle is: I work with children with special needs. There’s a huge need, especially with autism, that I can fill. Right now I work at an agency that provides for children at both extremes of income, from living in garages or homeless to living in mansions. I can say “I’m worth finding clients who are willing to pay me my worth” – and then I end up with all the rich kids… But that doesn’t feel right or ethical to me. I struggle with this, also, because I am in need of guidance (and I know I’m worth it), but can’t pay someone like Debi what she’s asking or what she’s worth. Just as the caregivers of the children with the greatest need can’t pay me what I’m worth.

    As you say, most people are struggling with making ends meet. I don’t want to care about money. I want to have enough to live simply in Santa Barbara, with enough time available to be present to my own children, while sharing the best of me and my gifts with those who need it most. I fear (or resist) being overmaterialistic and catering to an elite crowd. The only solution I can think of is finding wealthy people or programs who will support me abundantly to provide for the underpriveleged.

    Do you have any thoughts on how I can resolve this discord in myself?

    • Larissa, if these people cannot pay you than why do you continue providing them services? I’m all for charity, so don’t misunderstand this. Did you ever think that by providing these services at a less than acceptable rate you are playing directly into this mass entitlement mindset? I have no problem taking payment for something I do, mainly because I know that with my program that person is going to make the money 10x over. You have to really listen to what you are saying and decide if you are going to continue to spin you wheels or really make the decision to put this money issue behind you. Who’s voice do you hear when you reread your question from above?

  26. Wow David! You’re going to make me do this? Or should I say I’m going to make me do this? Yes I am! Powerful exercise and powerful video series. Thank you for giving so much great transformational information. Really terrific stuff.

    • Yes Kris, you are going to make yourself go through it. Why? Because you know you are more than enough and worth the effort. Appreciate the comment.

  27. david – all 4 videos registered with me…your 1st featured an atty very similar to me…and the cognitive link for me is that EYE need to TAKE ACTION.. i have too many inner excuses from my ‘stinking thinking” and “plan” TOO MUCH( yes that IS possible IF its really just to delay action b/c of a weak and lazy self image! ) and the only way to make your ego stronger is to BE BOLD AND COURAGEOUS like you said…ie no one can do your pushups for you!! you can buy the exercise eqmt, pay a trainer, and yet – in the final analysis – its ME who must changeMY self image and ME who must take action…thx for your valuable insight-bill

  28. David.. u are an angel and enlightened gift to the world and I truly am grateful for these videos. HOW can I purchase this program today?
    lots of love and grattitude

    • Thanks Kim! I do hope you were able to get your hands on AOSII. It is a program I am very proud of; especially since it will help so many people break free from that which is holding them back.

  29. This last video was a great deal like the Lord of the Rings movies. Although the first two movies were great beyond measure, the last one, Return of the King, was the best and most powerful. It was hard to imagine that the first two movies didn’t draw any awards at the oscars. But Return of the King cleaned up! It took every category it was nominated in! Though your first two videos were great, this last video is the one that will make the most difference. I have been stuck for a long time. I needed to identify what was holding me back. I have never identified those fears. And so they stayed in the background, on a subconscious level. Now I can look at these fears and challenge them. I finally have the power to move forward! Thank you for pointing that out. This made a really big difference!

    • Sounds like you are close to slaying Sauron and bringing order to Middle Earth Brian. Good for you! I’m a Tolkien fan myself; his books are steeped in Universal principles. I appreciate the comment.

  30. I am in a seasonal business and currently hurting for cash flow. I found your video on facebok by accident. I am tired of living in lack and I will be following your advise. Thanks for the excellent work.
    Sonny fenwick

  31. Thank you so much David for these 4 videos. They come into my life at exactly the right moment.(In video 4 you ask if you ABSOLUTELY have to be bold and courageous to break through the fear, what would that look like?) Thats the situation in my life now. Ive been a pro photographer my whole life, very good at what I do, but have lost many clients who have gone bankrupt and now at 64 yrs old, deep in debt… look and feel much younger, but on the resumé it still says 64, so its been very difficult to get hired or find new clients..Your videos have given me the hope and courage not to give up but to remember who I am and what I can do for my clients instead of just feeling the pain of unfair rejection. I have gone googleing you and found some websites but those Ive found all say Art of Success II is closed at the moment.. can you please send info on how / when to get in and I just hope the cost is reasonable… Im still suffering under exteme financial deficit and have to take care of my family before I can buy any expensive course no matter what the value. Thank you and God Bless you for your wisdom and inspiration to so many people.

    • Hopefully you got in on this latest Art of Success II opportunity Will, since it just went into the vault last night. We may release it again in the future, so stay tuned for that. One quick thing, let your work speak for itself. No matter if you are 24 or 64, it’s the person behind the lens they are buying as well as the beauty of the prints. Own it.

  32. Thank you David.
    Prayed long and hard last night for the insight and guidance as to what I’m not seeing or understanding. This am the link for this video was in my inbox. Exactly the message I know I needed to hear.
    Thank you again David and Team Neagle. :)

      • already started on my next step…

        decided I want to photograph women 35-65 y/o in contemporary glamour… to tell their story…. to bring out the beauty that is already within them….

        I booked 21 sessions to be done before the Breaking Free Live event in March… I’ve done 7 already.

        Realized that it really is about women wanting to feel and see themselves as beautiful. Been telling clients that for years…. so many people feel that they are not. And everyone has a story why they believe they aren’t… until they see their photograph ;)

        thx David,

  33. Thank you so much for the video series. Brilliant content! Love it love it! I work on the 4th one… I need to be courageous to face my fear. I will for sure i’m working on it.Thank you for your generosity . Blandine (from Paris !)

  34. Wow!. What a powerful, uplifting, information!…Once i heard from my Master, and from the writings of Swami Vivekananda, too, that this is a world of influence, going both sides, in and out, from inner to outer and the reverse, depending on the prevalent force in one side or the other. Besides, that the influence one can make on the world depends 1/3 of what you say and 2/3 of what you ARE. David, you are really POWERFUL, message is really CHARGED with your personal power. Many thanks for your service and help, by offering those powerful videos.

  35. David,

    Your comments fit my circumstances perfectly. I felt like you were speaking to me. My fears are presently around my job. I was so entrenched in my fears that it was a challenge for me to visualize how I would feel breaking through it. I felt that there was nothing that I could do to improve my circumstances. Then asking me to stand up and express my determination and see myself getting the results I want/need sparked a feeling of hope. Most people are afraid to talk about self esteem. We don’t want to appear weak. So it makes it hard to talk about it. Listening to you and giving myself the permission to espress what I am feeling helped remove some of the blocks that I had started to put up.
    Thanks! What you said made me feel like someone understood. I appreciate it!

    • You need to express it Allen, because it you don’t you won’t feel empowered enough to change your current situation. You created it for one reason or another, not it is time to move forward without judgement. Believe in my belief that you can do it.

  36. Thanks David for a wonderful series. I liked all 4 videos and the way you are presenting the message. I myself has been trying to implement these priciples and steps for at least half a year now, but still feel that I am not dealing correctly with the fears that stops me. I know even what the bigegst fear is, but the problem is that the consequences that may result from a failing decision are too huge. Still calculating and securing my back before I can give a real push and and ensure a first break through. I do never give up, so I will continue trying till I turn down these walls of fear. I liked the last video and Debis story very much :) thanks again.

      • Well, If I fail, my economy will be destroyed and that will affect at least 15 other People who are dependent economicaly on me. 3 of these are my core Family. So, it is actually the stuggle between the known and the uknown. The known is giving good Money, but With little joy in life while the uknown is not producing Money but is the what I desire in this phase of my life.

  37. Thank you for your presentation.

    I have watched the 4 part series.

    I am a High School teacher and want to move to a More Than Enough state. I live from hand-to-mouth and find myself in debt pretty often.

    I have listened to the Videos twice (1, 3, 4) and I am in the exact situation you were in when you brokedown and started to change things, so I can relate to exactly what you went through-I have been through it a number of times. Just like Rjon, I listened again because I am desperate to get out of this situation. The link for the Videos came to me at the right time when I needed them.

    I teach from 8-4, have marking and preparation to do and have a 1 year old who needs my attention. I have tried getting a better-paying job but it has not been fruitful because I am not a trained teacher -my teaching career is the result of a God-given talent. I can not afford to do a teacher-training course, so it has been a vicious cycle.

    After reading Napoleon Hill’s book, the Bible and listening to you, I know without a doubt there is an opposite side to my situation. I have to get out of the belief that I can charge what I am worth without feeling guilty-it is not about the money but rather it is about what I am imparting to the students and my extra time.

    I am now working out what I can do to change this. Thank you for your help David!

    • You’re welcome Janice. You can only start from where you are, but your decisions have to be made on where you want to go. When you say you are working on changing this, what does that mean for you?

      • Hi David!

        My plan is to start teaching extra hours and charging a reasonable fee for the lessons. I have been feeling guilty about asking for the payment and I will start off by changing that.

        I then intend to put aside this money and start off some businesses-accrue the profits and then go into real estate.

        As a teacher I have limited resources so I will start by working to increase them.

        Incidentally, there is a policy that we should not teach the same students we teach in class so it has been hard to start off ( as I write this I have just gotten an idea to advertise, get a central location and have lessons in the holidays). I also intend to start holding motivational talks-my friends tell me that I am very good at encouraging others.

        Thanks again!

  38. Your link was forwarded to me by Gina DeVee. I am moving tomorrow and “should” be packing but I stopped and watched video 4. What a powerful session! I am an attorney specializing in divorce mediation (having also been divorced 3x, each with its own particular hardship/life lesson). I am also a writer and actor who performs autobiographical stories, working on a one-woman show. It took about 3 minutes to get really clear on the result I desire: To create a performance presentation about the high cost of divorce on every level: spirituality, physically, emotionally, financially and how companies can support their employees’ navigation of this process in order to have happier, healthier and thus, more productive employees. I want to then offer coaching programs paid for by the companies to work one-on-one and in group sessions with the employees who require my services. I desire to be well compensated (the figure of $5K per performance presentation and $5000 for a 10 hour coaching program per employee came up. I also saw where my fear is, which is essentially in alignment with the example you used. But I LOVE “Be bold and courageous” and so I am going to work on developing this. This is a huge breakthrough for me. Thank you so much for your brilliance, David!

    • Awesome Sheila. It sounds like you are clear on what you want, now go out and make it happen. I wish you continued success.

  39. This way a great moment in my Life where, I moved across the country 4 months ago with my family and I left businesses back in my old city. I have moved to a great place and the “START OVER” process has seemed so slow. I know my gifts and talents, but when you are alone and know family or friends are around to talk, inspire, etc…you seem to loose thought of your Purpose. The video 4 was great and the timing was awesome. I would love to see the 1-3. ~M

    • For sure Maurita. Surround yourself with people who are going to inspire and challenge you every day. It makes a huge impression and shows you that nothing is impossible.

  40. Wow, loved Debi’s real life story – not even in my mindset before, I am now open to this possibility and getting my ego out of my way, to help my clients.

    I adore the Be Bold and Courageous in the Face of Fear and Intimidation.
    I felt strong, sat up straighter, getting my ego out of the way, feeling energized, STRONG, STRONG, STRONG, and Bold – and I have more Clarity – around transform my own pain into helping my ideal client.

    I am also about to double my $$ for my coaching and creating new coaching packages 6 month and 12 month – this was out of my comfort zone before.

    Thank you David, I feel so blessed and excited about making a leap – and moving past my wall.

  41. Thank you so much David for these awesome videos. The 4th one really resonated for me….she was telling my story. I will begin to take action tomorow. I have hundreds of business cards that I have accumulated and I will begin make connections as well as call many of the people I already know….

  42. I loved your videos…this one especially resonated for me. It is my story. Thank you so much…I am really excited about moving forward.

    I have the “Art of Success” from a couple of years ago…is this the same?

    • Excellent Lorraine. Now is the time to flip that story and get start playing big. This Art of Success is completely redone, and I am so proud of what has come from it.

  43. David, I attend many online learning events and this is The Most POWERFUL Video series I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for bringing me to another level of awareness allowing me to step even further into my own personal power on the journey to self discovery. OUTSTANDING

    • Stephanie thank you for sharing – this is exactly how I feel – David’s Video Series and the most powerful work I have ever experienced – and I have taken a lot of training and more throughout the last 20 plus years!

    • That’s great to hear Stephanie. I appreciate you sharing here and excited for what lies ahead in your personal and business life. It’s unlimited.

  44. Hi David! Wow! I love your videos, all the material, and the level of deep intimacy and self-work they entail. You are a real Master! Thanks for sharing this amazing, helpful information. Best, Mónica

  45. You are the teacher, mentor, truth-teller, and awesomeness pusher that I needed in my life. Thank you, David. Your knowledge, wisdom, love and support means the world to me. THANK YOU! :)

  46. David,
    New breakthroughs every day as I watch these videos over and over. I feel the bridges connecting the islands to the mainland and am enjoying the scenery and fresh breezes of New Life along the way. Wonderful to experience purpose as a gift worth sharing. So much more simple than we make it until we know. Knowing and being known fit together beautifully here. Thanks again.

  47. Hi David,
    thank you – I love your work and have purchased various programs.
    I would be happy if you could email me the information.

  48. Thank you David…all of the videos were very helpful..I particularly liked this one ..back to the who is my ideal client..stop focusing on the money..focus on the client…I looked at the dollar amounts of the accounts I had. When I focus on how I can help someone with a healing perfume that may open their heart chakra ..I felt like I had to tell them so much for them to understand what my perfumes can do energetically. So when I focus on my ideal client..these are people who understand and appreciate perfume (it is part of their culture) they have the means to purchase it and want it. It all shifted. I used the idea of calling them in..I got clear..and asked for it..In the last couple of days I have had a few miracles. New clients coming from a part of the world I have not sold to…My ideal clients…no explaining..just they want it and how do I pay for it..such a change..Thank you David..all of these videos combined have brought me to this point..I have said yes…Next month will be my whole year in one month..when this order goes through..woohoo.

    • That is great JoAnne! As you can see when you change your thinking and get clear on what it is you want it shows up…every time. The key here is to maintain that momentum and not get comfortable with a few sales. Show the Universe that you are going to stay focused and keep growing. It’s how I got to where I am, and continues to this day. Keep me posted.

  49. I was comfortable and successful 10 years ago with more than enough money because money was not the boss of me. I just believed in me without question and it kept coming in. Wow! I have been trying to work out what had changed? . A thunder clap just happened. ‘Im in charge vs the money’s in charge’ – coupled with the ego wrapped in fear. My job is to help give people a better self esteem, to change things they use the word ‘hate’ about and when I do that I’m over the moon for them and the money flows. My prices are way too low because of the G words associated with money in my mind. Guilt and Greed. If I get back into my heart space of the desire to help others that’s when it all works. Every time without fail. This is powerful stuff which has always been inside me. Caring, sharing and being more daring. I’ve been obsessed with attracting money Instead of attracting more lovely clients as Deb said who are serious about getting my help. Out of my way money – cant you see I have important work to do here. :-) . Money is not the boss of me. Your ability to state the obvious incredible blocks is magnificent David. You are in yourself a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much. You’ve made my decade by clearing the debris.

    • Well done Sylvia. You definitely are taking part in the exercise, and I look forward to seeing what comes out of your participation. Making someones decade…not bad!

  50. Well David, watching the 4 + videos has been a really good use of my time and focus.(really good:-) I decided to give up a few fluffy events and focused on this teaching! I was feeling “stuck” and yes pissed off with that emotion. Really had a Big AHA understanding that whole process and that it is NOT MY VOICE keeping me stuck…and that it really is ok to be “Bold and Courageous.” My Mother was always embarrassed at my boldness and courageous behavior from childhood till now…and yet I couldn’t see that I was allowing her voice to still pull me back every time I stepped into the natural place for me and my light and talent…I’d go for it..then slide back. As a highly disciplined and intelligent and yes hard working woman this just never felt right and I would get pissed off.Now I get the oscillation pattern…..so now? Time to do the entire exercises and review often!
    Just invested in the The Mental Money Game….and was just going to start it…is this entirely different than the Art of Success?
    In the past I would just throw myself into a bunch of teachings but with you, I like to really savor the message and focus on the exercises and AHA’s. What would you suggest?

    • You should always go for it Elizabeth, and give yourself permission to course correct if necessary. As far as your question about The Mental Money Game and AofSII…both have their place in your growth. Believe me, when you dive into them you will see that for yourself.

  51. Hi David,

    So, what if we are bold, we do face our fears, we keep chipping away and moving forward and we still don’t get the results we want or set out for?

    Maybe we are on the wrong path but don’t know it?

    For example, I seem to make money in the areas that I least like to do. The things I’m very passionate about don’t seem to be able to take off and generate any income. Does that make sense?


    • Why are you not getting the results you are wanting Preston? What path do you want to be on? There has to be a strong connection to what you are intending or it most certainly will not come into manifestation. If you are not getting the results, then are you not clear on what you want. So, what do you want?

      • Hi David and thanks for the reply. I have been on this journey for a while and I keep refining and getting more specific about what I want. I even have a paper with the title, “What I Want”. I have 4 areas and am pretty specific. I look at it often and wonder why the things I have on the list have not manifested in my life, in fact the opposite seems to happen. Seems like the more I focus on the path I want I get the opposite. Makes me wonder what I am doing wrong because it’s not obvious to me. I think if I knew why I wasn’t getting the results I could probably fix it, so, I don’t know, I’m not aware of the problem.

        • What action are you taking Preston to bring those things into your life? It takes more than focus and intention for that to happen. Getting specific is a start, but having a plan to grow everyday and not stop until the want is filled is where you need to go from here.

  52. Powerful exercise! Thank you for leading us through it. You keep telling us that there are no limits and I see that. I’ve already stepped up again and again and sometimes I think that I can only do so much at a time, but that is a limit. I know the Universe has no limits; it’s only those that I put upon myself. Through working with you, I see that and I know that no leap is too great to make. Thank you, David!

  53. Hi David,

    Thank you so much for sharing your divine insights with us. Your four parts video series about “Having Enough” brought shinning brilliant light onto the illusions most people experience in life.

    This last video of focusing on solving other people’s problem instead of your own fear is so transformational. It gives me so much courage to step into my own power and light to share my upcoming Galactic Illumination event in December with people.

    What would you personally do, if this is your first ever event, and you intend to have 144 people at your event by December 15, 2012…and today is October 27, 2012.

    If you could share with me your insights I would be so grateful as how many people you would call each day, how would you feel when you are calling people and how would you do your follow ups and so on. Because I know people’s life will be transformed forever…and I really want them to experience this divine spiritual activation for them…and do the best job I could to share this information with them.

    Also, just want to share with you; I started calling people now. What would you tell yourself if you have been calling and no sign up yet? What could the blind spot be?

    Thank you so much for your work and your contribution for bringing this infinite abundance consciousness to humanity and people’s lives.
    Much love and light,

    P.S. I was one of the sponsors at your recent event, and totally loved the experience of being there. And thank you for the cake. It was delicious.

  54. Out of the 4 videos, this one is the one that hit home the most. Its amazing how many times you can hear the same thing and only then it hits you after you hear it like 10 times! For me, it was when Debi said she knew the clients were out there that would pay her what she was asking. I often put up my fees only to reduce them out of fear thinking people wouldn’t pay that and I wasn’t worth it. This however didn’t work because I could charge a lot or a little but still wouldn’t have any clients so the problems wasn’t the money, its me! Doh! :/

    I stopped putting myself out there. I just hibernated…out of fear and the lack of results was due to the fact that I was too busy thinking about myself rather than the value I can add to someone’s life.

    The last thing that stood out for me was people who say no, if they say no, then that’s ok because I want people who want to change, they want a breakthrough. In the past I was coming from a place of desperation and prospectives could see that from a mile off so didn’t sign up.

    Thanks so much for these videos.

    • Thanks Valerie. One reason people go into ‘hibernation’ in their business is because they are afraid of what people may think about them. Judging from the comment above that happened to you. You are going to get more no’s than yes’s when conducting business, and that is okay. But you must come from an energy of giving rather than getting. Desperation, or sense of urgency as we like to call it, is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are coming from a place of service and helping people move forward. Stay out of the woods and get in the game of helping people. And again, fear is a lie perpetuated by your strong ego. It’s not truth.

  55. Thank you, David, for the videos. You are amazing! My big fear is that I have no list, and I want to do workshops to train and coach. I don’t know how to get people to attend my workshop when I don’t have a list. I don’t know if advertising would be a good idea. Where do I start from?

    • For sure John, you need a plan. And part of that plan is getting your message to people. Where do you get people? Every city has a network meetup group, you may want to begin there. Every city has a library that allows you to host non-profit discussions about a service. Use those opportunities to collect names which builds the list. Also, in today’s age of social media, you can also capture leads via Facebook and Twitter. There are so many avenues to explore John, but you have to be willing to get yourself out there. That being said, more important that the list is the service you are offering. What makes you stand out?

  56. Dear David,
    There is nothing like hearing truth. When I listen to you, it’s like I’m just so thirsty, I’m drinking this in. For years I have been bold in helping others thru breakthrough with confidence and providing them with the experience that transformed just a painful time to a powerful experience, as a nurse in labor n delivery.
    You said in this video that self esteem works for you or against you. Well I believe I know where the feeling of angst comes from. Its my self esteem working against me. (angst-against). Thank you for facilitating the clarity I need. I got in touch with the feeling of “there isn’t anything I can’t do” once I had my baby. So here’s to the new path to success. Thanks again. I will be the change! See you in Phoenix. !Rita!

    • Excellent Rita. I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix and congrats on your self-esteem awareness. I look forward to hearing more about your breakthroughs that come from this series..

  57. Oh wow! Right after I left a lenghty reply on Video #1, outlining my challenges with this insidious terror barrier and fear, as I listened to you and Debi I was going “Yes, Yes, Yes!” The journey Debi took us on is precisely where I am right now and you both shed some incredible light and truth in what I was struggling with! Like Debi, I am an online marketer and brand strategist and humbly yet boldly if I may add, a darn good one! And my challenge is getting on the phone and finding people to call who are in alignment with who I am looking to serve. I love how she narrowed and specifically described her ideal clients and “Called them in…”. I do have an email database of people who look forward to my newsletters and updates. Should I start there since most of them already know, like and somewhat trust me? Perhaps I should send an email blast for complimentary 15-min Clarity Sessions, then use the Compassionate Conversion?

    It’s amazing how you have numbered these videos… Ones awareness is opened up on Video 1 and you ended it with the the piece d resistance on Video 4… THANK YOU David and Debi!

    • Absolutely Emma. You already have a captive audience who love learning from you. Get one the phone, provide them value, and get them to sign up for you. The CCFC will help you through the conversations, but inevitably they are buying your brilliance. Make sure you share your experience with the rest of us.

  58. Watching this video shifted my fearful and worrying energy right back to where it needs to be. Especially when you and Debi talked about how success is just that — an internal shift, not from a person or task outside us. Thank you for that, David!
    As for the exercise: I identified a certain dollar goal income received by the middle of November. The fear came up as a cluster of fears: that this is unrealistic, that others could do this but I cannot, that I don’t deserve it, that I don’t trust myself to accomplish this. The shift: That I’m going to do this! Or better, that I’m going to connect to something bigger, to Source, and let Source flow through me and accomplish this. Get myself out of the way.

    I notice that you’re asking about first actions. Mine (tomorrow morning as it’s late now) will be to move ahead on the hands-on work I can do in October that will lead to my invoices two clients for bigger amounts in early November.

    • You’re welcome Carolyn. The simple reminder that everything is already here, inside of you, is a powerful one. In the exercise, it is easy to go into that victim/lack mentality because it is safe and secure. Truthfully, your ego is in control of the situation and keeps you exactly where you are for a reason. You need to break that pattern and push through with fervor. I look forward to hearing how your first steps went and what decisions still need to be made to make sure you stay on track.

  59. Thank you David. You’re video turned up the moment I asked for help and guidance with my business. It was just like magic! It’s time I was more courageous and put my prices up. I have been fearful that my customers will buy from my competition because there prices are cheaper, eventhough my product seems to be of better quality. I am now going to stand tall and move forward with complete confidence and finally charge full price, then stand back and watch the flood gates open. Thank you again, Kelly

    • Well done Kelly. People buy confidence, and those who discount shop are not your ideal client anyway. By raising your rates you will attract those who take what you do seriously. Continue to stay in your own lane and focus on what you can control, which is saying ‘yes’ to the opportunities that are bound to come in. I appreciate the comment.

  60. This very simple exercise in video 4 is the one that has added total clarity to my problem of not owning my power. From your awesome tool I now know that I must think of my business like getting in shape and continue to “train” every day, on purpose and consciously, do my affirmations, ask for support/coaching, and manage my time with intention and care. I LOVE the place of coming from standing powerfully in who I am and what I offer regardless of whether people buy from me. I think I was always relying on others acceptance or approval to validate where I was going or if I was on the right path. How silly it seems that I was thinking this. You are so right in that it is all about thinking about things correctly. I value your work and this amazing series so much! In gratitude and abundance, Holly

    • That’s great Holly. You are seeing the importance of working that muscle memory into your thought process, similar to how a person would build up stamina to run a marathon. It doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to build up and you are forever growing into it. That being said, the first step is awareness and just by your comment here you are on your way. Good luck with the ‘training’ and I look forward to hearing more results along the way.

  61. David,

    I have seen you at BFL, and followed you for a while. I loved this last video. It made a
    huge impact on me and I started doing the work while the video was running.
    I know this is just the beginning of the impact this exercise will make on my business and on myself.


    • Thanks Ivy. You can only start from where you are, and by the sounds of things you have taken the exercise in this video and allowed it to become a part of your journey. I’d love to hear the impact it had on you in more detail since by helping yourself you also help others. What shifted for you?

  62. I will listen ONLY to the one inner voice that’s been saying for years that this is what I’m meant to be doing, and disregard all the other voices that say I’m not good enough. I will get on the phone and ask for the sale. I will physically put myself out in front of people. I will speak bravely and boldly, and never again allow anyone to make me feel like I’m not good enough. I am MORE THAN good enough.

    • Excellent Debbie! Giving yourself permission to do all those things and taking the steps to follow through will lead you to exactly what you desire. You are exactly that. Keep us all posted.

  63. This video was my favorite in the series! My business as a Hand Analyst is growing like crazy and I realized after watching this video that I’m harboring an underlying fear that I can’t have both time and money! I’m feeling afraid to take on all of the clients that want to work with me right now, for fear that if I do, that I will lose my free time for me and my family…
    I can trust that I will manifest the time and the clients in perfect proportion so that I can continue to help my clients discover their Life Purpose as revealed in their hands…and also, what is holding them back from living it! You are so right that we are definitely here to teach what we are also here to learn! Thank you David, this video brought the message home clearly.

    • Thanks for the feedback Shannon. You absolutely can have both time and money, and those fears that are cropping up are nothing more than a lie. (Where have you heard that before right?) Continue learning every day and step through each and every block that comes up. Make sure you come back and share any more insights.

  64. great series, david. just want to hug you.

    i think the part that tripped me up was not knowing what the hell my fear was/is. in looking back at my breaking free live experience in february in salt lake, it was the exact same issue for me. clearly, i haven’t worked on this as much as i need to. in truly taking the time to do the exercise, i think that your example probably nails me on the head more than i’d like to admit — “people won’t pay that,” which consciously i know is crap, but clearly i don’t really “know it yet.”

    per usual, thanks for the testimonials and straight talk. mad respect.

  65. Thanks, David Ireally do get the idea in my mind. What I am not totally feeling is in my body and experience. I raised my rates this summer by nine times by making chronic conditions a package. It did produce results. My aha here is with a client who was dying a slow diabetes death with huge ,deep sores. She completely recovered as I worked with her over the phone and she verbally credits me with saving her life. She has not paid her bill though I know her circumstance is one where she could afford to. In the exercise I decided to call her and ask for the payment, even though my fear is I may lose her as a client. Since she is influential in my international business this brings up my fear of losing her and those she has referred. I have decided to make the call and see what happens.

    I confess that I’ve not heard the other 3 videos as I got cut off from them but fully intend to try again. Blessings, Lawrence

    • You absolutely should make that call. It’s business: you performed a service, fulfilled on your commitment, and now it is time to get what is yours. If you bring emotion into it and allow this person to gain the free ride, it will happen to you over and over again. Please tell me how the call goes and we’ll go from there Lawrence.

      • Hi again David, I made the call and it was returned. We have a call on Friday to talk more and I’m planning to ask for more of a payment as she was telling me the reasons she could not pay for a couple of months because of 3800 a month in taxes. I think the bigger thing is I was willing to ask for the money (my work literally did save her life) and I will do that again on Friday. I’m still not having the “experience” of what it feels like to actually make more money and while I understand mentally the concept of polarity and it being already here it is not “in” me, embodied in the unconscious yet. I’m doing the visualizing and exercises you suggest and working on getting the “feeling” of it in me.

        • Well done Lawrence. I will say that you are having the experience of what it feels like to take in money because you are stretching beyond your current comfort zone and asking for it. Don’t take no for an answer. Once you get it, sit with how that feels and realize that no one was harmed in that situation. Reframe it and use that ‘win’ to go out and attract more paying clients. Visualizing is good, but action is better. Get out there!

  66. Excellent series, David. Accurate thinking is essential to a proper start, viable ongoing operations and achieving one’s desired ends. Hearing from those who have experienced successful results of their own endeavors mostly through change of mindset is edifying to the soul. Very well done.

    • It sure is Glenn. These individuals who joined me on these videos really do walk their talk. But, they all had to start somewhere. Know where you are first, and then take committed action to bring it closer to you. Thanks for the comment.

  67. Hi David: Thanks for this most excellent video. You really do encourage people not to put their light under a bushel but to let it shine. While I’m not a coach like many of your clients appear to be, I have been getting a lot out of this series.
    I publish a magazine and I thought my fear was about businesses that say ‘no’ to advertising. Or customers who don’t want to join my membership site as a paying client.
    But I realized my biggest fear is that I don’t measure up. So I need to be bold about what I represent in the face of that fear. Earlier this year I stopped printing my magazine and giving it out to people for free (mainly advertiser supported).
    I’m now going to be publishing it mainly online where people can pay to access it or pay for print copies if desired.
    I’m excited about this as it’s a new paradigm for publishing because the old paradigm wasn’t working anymore.
    The potential to make money is much greater provided enough people pay to get the publication. So my challenge is to market this and get enough people behind it, because I know it’s a good magazine – I’ve been told that frequently in the past. So my question now is, do I get over the ‘no’ from advertisers (whose support is still needed) and just promote it like crazy?
    Thanks again David, you are a treasure.

    • Great question Marilyn, and thanks for sharing. With regards to the various no’s you have gotten from your potential advertisers, what does your instinct tell you to do? I know this, you can only promote so much as an individual, so what happens when that is your only option? It seems to me that you keep drilling through the no’s and get to the yes’s. It will get you really clear on what your offer is and provide you with the experience to work through anything. I’ve been there, and what is on the other side is simply amazing. Be sure to share your experience with us here.

      • Hi David:
        I want to get to the other side so badly – I’m tired of living in lack.
        I have a vision of sharing my herbal and natural health magazine, The Herbal Collective, with the world.
        I see it as a collective of people sharing their knowledge of herbs and natural remedies in a grass roots sort of way, being able to link and connect people wherever they are in the industry as retailers, supplement manufacturers, herb farmers, hobbyists, etc.
        I see tens of thousands of people getting the publication which would contain links connecting everyone on a world wide scale.

        • Hey Marilyn, for what it may be worth to you, I envy you your Vision – something I understand to be an essential component to my personal ‘success equation.’ You have it . . . and a good one. What you envsion is absolutely possible. Permit me to suggest the following.

          Consider implementing your business vision, at least intitially, as a ‘subscription-based’ membership site. Manage content quality through ‘moderation’ of submissions [which, given the volume you anticipate, will certainly require the involvement of employees or freelance help]. You may potentially achieve higher quality results by narrowing your market, noting the efficacies of niches – including that of increased organic visibility in online search results. The more easily you can be ‘found,’ the greater leverage you will impart to your marketing budget and efforts.

          The membership site could be operated in conjunction with a free-access blog. You can use the blog as a front-end to a marketing funnel that leads to it, attracting the interest of your ‘natural’.ideal clients – fostering that interest through provision of consistent high-quality free-line content. When they want more, including the benefits of community, it would be likewise natural for them to consider exploring the benefits of your subscription site.

          If well-planned and administered, you should easily attract the interest and cooperation of expert content contributors to both your blog and subscription sites. Inasmuch, your JV opportunities would appear to be virtually endless.

          Best wishes . . . and go for it!

        • Thanks for getting back to me Marilyn. You have a big message to deliver there is no doubting that. What will you do today to start getting the word out about your magazine? Make a list and go from there…

  68. Hi David, Thank you for your generous spirit, and creating these videos for our benefit. I have noticed that a big key for me is taking action IMMEDIATELY. If I delay, then doubtful thoughts creep in, and make it much harder for me to move through mental obstacles. Today, I took action right away on being bold enough to make an in-person visit to a company I have been pursuing for a couple of weeks trying to set up a time to meet. I was able to get that time established finally! I sure as heck really wanted to kick the can down further so as to avoid….gosh, now I’m not sure what I was avoiding exactly….. And my Saboteur was telling me every distracting thought, but I just didn’t give it the time.

    Why does the act of responding immediately to our desires make such an enormous difference?

    With Sincerest Appreciation,

    • Thanks for the comment Cherith. Immediacy is key because you are being faced with a decision and the longer you delay it the more likely you are to talk yourself out of it. Would you really jump out of a perfectly good airplane if you stood on the ledge for 15 minutes? They walk you to the edge and you jump…it’s no coincidence. Don’t listen to the voice inside your head and just jump! You will change forever.

  69. David,

    This is a wonderful series of videos and thought-provoking exercises. Once again you have delivered outstanding content and reminded me to remain confident in what I am doing. I love helping my clients rediscover the joy of living more fully and falling in love again with their current partner or if single be in the right space emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to allow the right person to show up for them.

    I appreciate your sincerity and commitment to helping each of us to become even more than we imagined.

    Thank you,

    Cyndi Harris, Relationship and Life Transformation Coach

    • I appreciate the comment Cyndi. Please let me know if you have any further takeaways from the series and how you can better serve your clients with some of what I discussed on the videos. Thanks again.

  70. I already feel freer in realizing that money could be one of my last enslavements! That alone will be life changing. Also faced my fear that I’ll lose my words, the vehicle for expressing the gifts I offer through my coaching and speaking. Thanks for your powerful insight and energy!
    Annie Gray

    • You’re welcome Annie. It absolutely would (and will…) change your life if you knew that money could not keep you from living the life you want to lead. Make decisions based on where you want to be and continue to put yourself in situations that push your belief system to the edge. It is the only way you can breakthrough. I appreciate the comment and look forward to hearing more from the exercise.

  71. Hi David,

    Another great video which made me dig deep into what is stopping me and how my ego has led my life to turn against me…All the emotions, fears, doubts and truly discovering what I really want has been on my mind a lot lately. As I was thinking about it all it just started to cry.

    This video really hit home about how I let money and everyone else in my life rule my life. Money has been a lot on my mind. I’ve always made myself available to everyone in my family – fixing there problems which always triggers things for me and I stop. I get so far an issue appears and I stop. This is about boundaries and taking back my life to be who I’m suppose to be and most importantly who I am suppose to help.

    I do believe I have gifts, talents and I am supposed to helping many people transform their lives and I deserve to claim my worth financially with this as do my clients.

    How this translate into my business is the fear of not being good, can I really do it and caring what people think about what I’m doing. I’ve raised my prices, I have boldly stated my fees but I do know the fear is still there.

    I have finally decide this doesn’t matter anymore that I am going to claim what is rightfully mine so I can help and transform the people I am suppose to help. I’ve set my boundaries, voiced them to everyone and if they don’t like that or respect it then that is their issue. I am also doing whatever I need to do to get to where I want to go – that is helping the people I suppose to help and transforming their lives.

    I want to thank you for always helping me and giving me the courage keep moving forward. Your words always speak the truth, they may frighten me but I need to hear what you speak about so I can get out of my own way to do for my clients what I’m suppose to be doing.


    • Wow Loretta, that is awesome. I can actually feel your boundary through your post, so that is firmly entrenched. As long as you continue to adhere to it, and take action towards your goal, I see no reason why you cannot transform the lives of those you work with. You started with yourself, not it is time to bring your message to the masses. When can I expect to hear more?

        • Just post it right back here Loretta. That way you can not only help yourself but also help the thousands of others who have visited this space.

          • As you have read above David has given me permission to post my message here on this forum.

            What a truly wonderful gift!

            I’ll start by briefly telling you my story…

            I did quit my day job which was causing me a great amount of anxiety and making me physically ill. I wanted more – much more from my life. I worked everyday helping a solo-entrepreneur operate his business. He worked when he wanted, made money when he wanted and he truly loved what he did.

            I wanted exactly that for myself!

            So, I gave my 2 weeks notice, hired my first Business Coach and I haven’t looked back since. Yes, I struggled with that struggle came lots of learning and lessons.

            I must add…at the time, I had separated from my husband, had 2 children to support, no savings and not a clue about what it takes to run a business. All that mattered to me was I wanted more for myself and my children. I did have a vision, a dream and I was on a mission…To Help People. I was willing to risk it all to do just that.

            Unfortunately, the Business Coach I hired completely missed the mark leaving me with very little faith in coaching, myself and what I was doing. So, I simply stopped doing everything. I almost returned to a J-O-B. This just got me angry which drove me to do something about it. I started listening to the Universe and the signs it was sending my way and I just started again to do my business.

            My biggest struggle during this time was finding my voice to be able to speak up about my mission with courage and conviction.

            So that being said…My Message to You….

            You are a Mission Driven Entrepreneur with gifts, talents and a voice! Enough is Enough! It is time to take a stand, learn to voice your message so you can serve the people you are supposed to serve! Once and for all!

            It’s time to break free and speak out loud!

  72. When I first started watching this video I didn’t think it was for me, I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor (amongst other things) and know a lot of this stuff, but as it unfolded it punched the breath out of me. This was by far the hardest video in the series for me. I thought my self esteem was fairly healthy, however working through the exercises really highlighted a lot of stuff for me.
    I absolutely loved your sentence “You are bigger than the money, it doesn’t indicate who you are or what you do in your life” how freeing is that! Perhaps the piece that really struck home in a big way, was when you said “self esteem is either working for you or working against you”. Clearly I need to boost my self esteem and confidence and BE BOLD! as you say. That for me, is absolutely terrifying. The thought of being ‘out there’ more, worried that I am truly offering value for money (when I usually offer more than I should be). There’s a lot of homework from this video for me.
    No sooner had I finished doing the exercise than I received an email from a client who announced she was going to set up in business basically doing exactly what I do in my coaching practice. That pressed a button and made me flounder for a moment until I remembered that it was my coaching that has led her to this place and it cannot affect me or my work.
    David thank you for this utterly brilliant video series, I have been telling everyone I know about you. I aspire to hiring you as my coach in the future.
    Many Blessings

    • Thank you for your participation Elly. You had several a-ha’s from this series, and you have continued to reframe your thinking along the way. You need to be ‘out there’ more, and it terrifies you. What will you do to push through that perception of fear?

      • Just do it!
        In fact today I converted a client during a conversation and she is now booked in for a healing session with me and she didn’t even blanche when I told her my rate (which is way above other local healers). I did the Happy Dance and whooped thanks to the Universe!

        And thank you again David for all that you have shared with us. I have also found your replies to others insightful and helpful. So grateful to you.

        • Excellent Elly! This is a big moment for you because you asked for something and were open to receiving it. Now, do that 5 more times today and don’t stop until you get them. That sends a powerful message to the Universe that you are willing to do what it takes. Celebrating your success, but realize that where there is one sale there are many, many more.

  73. David, Thank you so much for this video series. It has been an answer to my prayers this week. I started my business just over a year ago and while my community sees me as a huge success, I feel very differently. Each and every one of your four videos has hit me square between the eyes with my wrong thinking and outdated beliefs.

    I know myself to be someone of excellent intelligence and a strong track record in business, yet this new spirit-based business that so vitally reflects my authentic self, has been such a struggle. Every day, I have written down the exercises and done them along with you. Throughout my day, as I get stuck, I bring out my notes and work through your processes again and again. It is truly amazing what i am learning about myself.

    I have learned that these “huge” confusing challenges are not that at all. They are errors in my thinking. Even though I know better, my results show that I haven’t learned this yet – and that I need to have an open, student’s mind and heart. There really is no one standing in my way, but me. And now I see the way out.

    Thank you David, from the bottom of my heart. I am so excited about putting myself out there, getting out from behind my laptop and doing my work. There are people who need me, and it’s my job to get out there and help them!

    • Thank you for sharing Anne. You are correct in that you have to change your thinking, and good for you in dropping your need to be right. We are all intellectual on many levels, and often times that can deter us from seeing that which is holding you back. Get out of your own way, have faith in the process, and take action to get it. Simple formula really, but many would disagree. Time to start playing bigger!

  74. David, as usual your videos are amazing. I always hear what I need to hear. What I struggle with though is what my business is. I have idea after idea and they all sound really good, but I am never certain what it is I am actually supposed to be doing. Thank you again!

    • What do you WANT to be doing in business Karen? You cannot begin to bring it in if you have not yet made the decision to move forward. Ideas are great, but if you are continually bombarded by thoughts minus the action, then all that will leave you is confused and more stuck. Get clear on your reasoning for being in business, and perhaps from that you will see a clear path ahead. If you don’t , you’ll just spin your wheels.

  75. Hi David!

    I think this is the best video of them all in this series. I got so much out of it, but mostly realizing I’m in the right place to make change happen for myself. I’m going through some of the experiences you described and it’s comforting to know others have experienced them too and that I’m on my way to big breakthroughs. Yahoo! Thanks again :)

    • Thanks for sharing Angela. I’d be curious as to what your big breakthroughs are going to look like. You are in the perfect place in that you realize the ability to get what you want is inside of you. Stop searching from outside and look within. There is where it all happens. I look forward to hearing back.

      • That was the big shift I had – it’s in me. I have been searching outside of me. I kept missing the message that it’s within. Between these videos and re-listening to the Art of Success series, I expect to be your next million dollar client very soon!

        • Excellent Angela! We always look forward to celebrating our million dollar clients. We call it Destination Se7en…the amazing rise to that 7-figure income. Woot!

          • I’m on the precipice of going one direction or another, and Art of Success came back in to my life right at the exact moment I needed it, which I feel was divinely guided and I’m thankful none the less. What you say in the audios I wasn’t ready for before, but now I am (funny how that works) and I’m eating it up. I’m so glad I re-found it. I know you have very high leveraged coaching programs, but I feel I can create a big shift for myself just with this program. Thanks for what you do and putting Universal Law in layman’s terms.

          • What direction is that Angela? There is no coincidence that AofS came back into your awareness, and since you are the creator of this reality I’d love to hear your process to making your decision. You can get the shift, but we all need a gentle kick in the a** to get us there.

  76. Many thanks for the generous and cutting edge tools David. I’m still stuck at the ‘who can I best serve and where are they’ conundrum. Can this work break through that?
    Kindest wishes,

    • It absolutely can Jenni. You need to figure out who can benefit from your services and then take action to go get them. This is not a conundrum, its called doing business. Do the exercises until the info sinks in; there is clarity in knowing your tribe. Who do you want to work with? Only you can answer that…

      • The clarity came from the process itself … the sequence of questions. Which took me to the realization that I’m standing in my own way in a variety of ways, i.e. shrinking or hesitating when I could be serving others more fully!

        • Great Theresa. Thanks for coming back and sharing that. Avoid the incredible shrinking you and step into your power. You’ll be amazed at how even this slight shift will change things in an instant. Keep us posted.

    • You are welcome Julia. Fear is a lie created by your ego to hold you back. What ‘fears’ have you experienced as of late that are keeping you in a holding pattern? I’d love to hear about them and what being brave looks like to you.

  77. David, I love and appreciate you work – thank-you for your generosity

    I intellectually “get it” that success is something I already am and “I am bigger than money” yet when I attempt to apply that understanding to business, it’s clear I’m missing something. I’ve chosen to start a business that makes my heart sing – yet it’s not considered a highly profitable niche. My definition of success in business is to do what I’m passionate about AND have a great income. Do I just ignore what the evidence of the Market suggests about my earning potential and fixate on financial success?

    • Do you want to be successful Tanya? If so, you have a strong money story that needs to be dumped. You can absolutely have great success and the wealth that comes with it. You said that it is not considered a highly profitable niche. Says who? If you believe that you can make money in this business, then they way to do it is already present. First step for you would be to charge what you are worth. Raise your rates. If you don’t, you’ll never be taken seriously and stay exactly where you are. Buck the so-called trend and just do it.

  78. I’ve now been up much later than I should be when I have work tomorrow, but I had to finish all 4 videos before I could sleep. This last one is definitely to one I needed to hear! I am on the verge of starting my own business. I’m to the point where I need clients. This last video has made me realize why I’ve been doing all the other things, like buying equipment and getting business cards, but avoiding, or putting off, getting clients and making sales. Now I can see myself overcoming those stopping points and moving forward! I have a plan and goals! Thank you David!

    • Of course Sue, because those ‘shiny objects’ like business cards and websites keep you from doing what needs to be done. Namely, getting on the phone and selling your amazing services. That is where you will build your client base. You just have to push through the voices in your head that are trying to keep you from being on the phone. What will you do today to bring in 3 paid clients?

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