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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3D session last night. My wife and I both sat down and listened. We’ve been enperiencing some trauma with job situations and my son’s divorce. We both have some blocks to prosperity and wealth. We’ve always been hard working people and focused on continued growth and happiness. However, the challenges have zapped alot of our energy and a sense of sadness has taken over. Your story and your revelations has helped to re focus our sights and our love. I could say more but I will save that for another time. Thanks for sharing your life because it has made a difference in ours.

    I hope that you get this message.

    Thanks! You have more power than you think.

    Allen & Darya Vaillancourt

    • Congratulations on the refocus of your energy Allen & Darya. It is very typical to have those situations drain us, but it only serves as a distraction to keep you where you currently are. Continue to dig deep into the study of this work and you’ll be amazed at the breakthroughs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve been really enjoying your inspirational messages, David. I’m opening myself up to new ways of thinking to move past the “stuck” place in my art business–sign me up for the early bird email!

  3. Hi David,
    Even though our experiences aren’t quite the same our thoughs and feelings were. I listened to your video but had some problems with it starting and stopping every 5-10 secs. I assume that it was something wrong with my program but I wasn’t able to correct it. I got the gist of what you were saying and it was helpful. I hope to hear more.

    Best Regards,


    • Sorry about that Allen. It is likely an issue on your end since the videos require a considerable amount of bandwidth to run. My advice would be to join me on the live call and see if that will work effectively. I appreciate the feedback.

  4. Change my attitude… CHANGE MY ATTITUDE! OMG, do I NEED to CHANGE MY ATTITUDE!
    I *KNOW* I need to change my attitude, yet I still find myself stubbornly stuck. I’m angry and frustrated and I want everyone to know how I feel!
    I can change my attitude for an hour; sometimes even a day or two. Then my wife will say something like, “Oh, I’ve seen THIS pattern before. This good mood won’t last long… you’ll see. In another day or so, Mr. Grumpy will be back stronger than ever.”
    That’s my reputation. It’s not only holding me back… it’s killing any and all chance for success.
    So the question is, can you please show me HOW to permanently change my attitude in a way that gets the support of my family and friends. Without that support, I feel I’ll just slip backwards again.
    I’m so desperate to change!

    • Russ. First, believe in yourself. It sounds like you are in some way fighting you while you are saying you want to change. Take a breath, step back and focus on how wonderful your life really is now, how wonderful you are. Then, move into the knowledge that the change and transformation you seek is already in you. Remember David’s first video? The Law of Polarity? Wherever you are now, the opposite is already inside of you. So, KNOW that the change you seek is already complete within. Don’t let anyone send you negative messages about your transformation. The change is for you and you can’t disappoint anyone before you disappoint yourself. Therefore, make the decision to stay true to you and then the others will see. Hope this helps! God Bless!

    • If you want to change Russ you have to commit to doing the work as to why you feel the way you feel. All it takes is a decision and action to move through what is keeping you in that place of anger and frustration. When did you start feeling this way?

      • Daphne and David,
        Thank you both for your kind and insightful comments.
        Daphne, I will review the videos. There certainly is a lot of meat in there.
        David, I just purchased your brilliant ‘Millions Within’ book and I am hereby committing right here in public to doing the work necessary to make the changes. I’ve spent too long in reaction and blame mode but as I learned from your book, I’ll not feel guilty about this because it’s WHERE I AM NOW and that is the perfect place to be in order to get to where I want to go now.
        “When the student is ready…” I was just introduced to you last week through Peak Potentials and already I am experiencing a profound shift. Yes, this student is READY!
        Thank you both again for all you do!
        All the best from Toronto,

        • Hello and God speed to you ,

          First I can say I relate to your story. Davids program and books are very comprehensive and will serve you well. Furthermore If you are able to accept your emotions as an indicator of your PERCEIVED progress towards the chosen goal and the internal talk telling you that the course is in need of adjustment to arrive on schedule. It is important to know the mind changes in an instant, and there is a lag time for reality PERCEIVED to catch up. If you were to consider your life a ship in a port laden with cargo you may think poor ship , it was built to be on the high seas, but, there it is tied to a mooring, the ship and crew are anxious to be under way but, orders have come to wait in port for important cargo ( new attitude) . Once it arrives the ship is freed of its docking birth and a tugboat ( trusted advisers coach) escorts it out of the harbor. The ship running behind ( perceived ) the captain orders full power, the order is obliged, yet it takes this mighty ship hours of the prop turning in the water ( setting new habits ) to build the momentum that will allow this ship to operate at maximum efficiency. Keep focused on the desire ( future port) knowing that the mind will open opportunities in your reality allowing you to see more of the details that are important for your growth.

          • Thank you David for your wonderful illustration. When you put it in those terms, it is much easier for me to understand and become more aware and PRESENT with my situation.
            As David Neagle teaches in his book, the first step of any journey is to know where you are. Yes, I am switching to being grateful for my feelings – including the negative ones – as they are showing me exactly where I am. Now I’ll get this ship heading to the port of my choice.
            All the best from Toronto

  5. Hi David,
    Thanks so much for these amazing videos! I have really enjoyed each one and I want to be notified for the early bird registration for the Art of SuccessII

    I can’t wait to dive in! Colleen

  6. David, Thank you for your clear and concise delivery methods. I feel I need a step-by-step system to get out of being stuck and moving in to a confident, productive mind-set that will enable me to start living the life of a successful business owner. Not to mention, receiving the revenue to support the lifestyle I desire. I look forward to the upcoming program. Much appreciation for the brilliance you share with the world!

  7. David…
    I have been watching and rewatching or should say listening to your videos while I am at work. I have been doing what you say to do and I can feel a change starting within myself. I am excited. I have a HUGE mistake I made and need to find a way to come up with money on time to fix what I did that is inconceivable to even imagine. I need a miracle to fix this. I am believing that one is on the way and a snap of a dime like you say am hoping that the opportunity will manifest what is needed on time.
    Thank You for a life changing slap on my forehead. Wake up call. Please put me on early bird list. Thanks Again!

    • It will be there Lynn if the desire you have is strong and you are taking dedicated action to make it happen. Stay tuned for more details re: this program.

  8. no doubt … I´m feeling this could be “the change” … the moment that I was looking for … but this “moment” is apparently not “enough” .. money … wanting ….
    all I have to do (in the between) if I really want it …is listening more “of you” and “do more of what you expose” for having, then, ” the moment” to go forward … I want to have more than enough for The Art of Success 2 … more than enough to “my life” :o )
    Thank You for your care, and for your answer to my first post in the video 1 ….. I really appreciate all these energies that we feel through your “more than Enough video series” pages :) Thank YOu David …

    • If you want to have more than enough Isabeau than the way to make that happen is already here. What are you doing currently to get beyond that limiting belief? You will have to do the work in order to bring it into manifestation.

  9. Looking forward to hearing more in the early bird notification.
    It’s always a learning experience when listening to you, Thanks David!

  10. A part of me wants to sign up, the other part of me that is overwhelmed with all I have to do at the moment thinks that I don’t have any time to sit down and listen to all the cd’s etc. I really enjoyed your videos, got a lot of Aha’s and like the way you teach. OK sign me up!

    • Especially in this moment your ego is fighting to keep you where you are. Elly, making the decision and following through with it will allow you to start making shifts immediately. Good for you.

  11. Hi David,
    Thanks so much for answering my question in Video 1. Please sign me up for your new program.
    Actually after watching these videos, I might have found an answer to one of my problems, so I will try it out and see what happens.

    Is Art of Success for business or can it be used for other areas of life, like love and relationships?

    Thanks again

    • AofSII helps us see opportunities Annie. It also helps us create healthy relationships, make all our decisions from a place of wholeness, and allows us to live the life we always wanted to. This program really is all encompassing in terms of up-leveling your life across all areas of your life. What more can you ask for?

  12. Yes, yes, yes, David! I am READY for “The Art of Success II”! I absolutely KNOW that what you teach works! I have stories upon stories to share and I am living it daily and I not one day passes when I don’t read, listen or watch your teachings and I have seen immediate and tremendous results in my life and business! Please put me on your “Early Bird List”! THANK YOU for your generosity and genuine love to guide people to unlimited SUCCESS!

  13. Thank you so much for the four (five) More Than Enough videos. When I started watching the videos I was thinking about money. Now I’m thinking about me. Every time I listen, I hear more. Please add me to the waiting list!

    • Excellent awareness Sylvia; you have already begun to shift your thinking. Keep on listening and stay tuned for more info about AofSII…

  14. Thanks David for all your videos, you are an Awesome teacher and I truly enjoy watching them. I would like to be put on your early bird list for the Art of Success II. Does that one include what you taught on the Art of Success 1? Is that one still available to get or will we learn everything we need to just by getting the Art of Success II? Thanks and can’t wait to hear more.

    • Thanks Gina. Stay tuned for more information about the ‘vintage version’ of this program, I may have a bit of a surprise or two up my sleeve…

  15. Every time I listen to your teachings I make more money! I cannot wait to hear Art of Success II. Never stop learning and you never stop earning :) Thanks, David for all you do. Love, Deb

  16. I am finally jumping in so please put me on your early bird list! Thank you for your commitment to sharing this information in a voice that is so heart felt and sincere..

    • It’s about time Debra. We’ve been waiting for you. LOL I appreciate the comment and will keep you posted on the latest from this amazing program.

  17. So amazing, David — your Art of Success II sounds powerful and wonderful — as in Wonder-full! Yes, please put me on your list. Yet at the same time I’m skeptical, questioning: Can we (that is, can I) really achieve transformation, break through to visible, measurable success in “only” 30 days??? — Thank you for everything

    • Thanks Ann, but why does your head immediately go that of the skeptic? I’d be interested to drill down and see what that is all about. This is not a case of ‘buyer beware’, but you will stir up some stuff along the way. If you didn’t, then its not working.

  18. Yes please sign me up. I have been watching your videos and waiting for this moment! I’m in the middle of up leveling my business and changing how I internally operate daily with my mindset. Have experienced huge results in just the last 2 weeks!

  19. David,
    You are an inspiration! I have read many books on the subject of mindset and awareness for years which were helpful, but a slow learning process. When I listened to The Art of Success just 4 months ago, my life has changed dramatically! I have a clarity and quality of life that I have never experienced. Basically, I went from a depressed state of living, wondering if that was all there was, to each moment of my life filled with an inner joy and exuberance that keeps me going forward and focused through barrier after barrier. And with each breakthrough, it keeps getting better. I just want to hug you!

    Thank you for the work that you do, you have inspired me to share my gifts with the world in my own abundant business! There is always more to learn, I look forward to to The Art of Success II.

    In Abundance,

    Cindi Small

    • Wow Cindi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I love the transformations you have had as part of my original Art of Success, and this next version will take you even farther. Can’t wait to get started!

  20. Thank you for your vulnerability and service to entrepreneurs! I was moved and shifted by video 3 and 4 – especially Debi Berndt’s # 4 about taking your focus off your challenges and focus more on the transformation of your clients AND being in control with your relationship with money vs it controlling you. I started my coaching career almost 5 years ago with your inspiring Art of Success audios (listened to them 4 x the 1st month) that led me to now a beautiful “in service” coaching company that is ready for the next level of leadership and money! I am referring you often. Please add me to your Art of Success II update emails. Much gratitude :)

  21. Hi David, thanks for this series, each one had a message for me. I do need a breakthrough in my business.

    Keep me on your list. Thanks, God Bless you richly.


  22. I’ve listened to you, David, and I’ve sat in your live audience a couple of times. I “get it” intellectually, and I also feel the shift energetically while listening/watching. But when I sitting at my desk and doing my work, it all feels as if on the other side of a chasm. The task, then, is to bridge that chasm — which I believe comes from more listening and a deeper immersion into the material. Or perhaps through something else that I’m missing? In any case, it’s great to see you coming out with new programs that reflect the growth and development of you and your body of work. Consider me an early bird, please.

    • You can only start where you are Carolyn, and the fact that you have not achieved what you exactly wanted to this point only should drive you harder to make it happen. Getting it on a cellular level is so very important, and you have a disconnect. Get clear on what you want, and don’t stop until you get it. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

      • Thank you, David, for this clarity re: where I am! I’m printing this out right now and putting it right on my desk where I can read it again and again today.

      • I am familiar with the concepts you presented in the videos- but reminders and a different approach are always good to stimulate deeper awarenesses.

        Yesterday, after listening to video 4 on voices of fear, I had the opportunity to get a good look at where some automatic feelings/reactions to situations come from. The concepts I explored are feeling suspicious, like I am being taken advantage of or will be and trying to present myself as more or different than I am. The first (suspicions) was the result of getting my car worked on. The second was the result of a practice reading for my business from Andrea’s Soul Realignment for Business class. I have been puzzling that one out for days!

        I wondered where I had gotten the idea of not trusting people, believing I will be taken advantage of, and the need to put on a face that masked what really is. Well, guess what? It’s my mother’s voice. I remember over and over her telling me not to trust strangers, that the repair man thought women didn’t know about things and sold them unneeded repairs or parts, etc. She also told me over and over, “What will other people think? You have to look good, pretend you are better than you are, etc.”

        I had the opportunity to talk with my mom this morning and asked her where she got those ideas. Of course, she received many from her mother, the social consciousness of the time and growing up during the depression. She still considers herself unworthy and unlikable and she is 93. She grew up in the city, where getting food and survival needs was difficult. They were not rich, so struggle was the name of the game.

        Luckily, this attitude is counterbalanced by my father, who was very trusting and putting on appearances was just not part of his modus operendi. He grew up in a farming family.

        It’s amazing the influence our parents have on us. Trusting that people will look out for me and help me feels much better than having to constantly be on guard. Not needing to be watchful of appearances takes a huge load off my back and life is not so stressful.

        Thanks for the exercise. I am still digesting the current results.

        • It sure is an eye-opening exercise Elaine. You had some impressive a-has from this series, and you will continue to peel away layers long after it is over. Hopefully this will have gotten the ball rolling and allow you to develop into what it is you want to be. You are in charge, and it feels great to know that. I appreciate the comment.

  23. I used The Art of Success 1 and tripled my income in
    less than 3 months! :-) It works.
    God bless you David Neagle for all that you do to be
    a help to life on this planet.

    • Excellent Victoria! It most certainly does; changing the lives of thousands of people through their dedication to push through their old stories. There is a definite Art to becoming successful, and you found that through your own experiences. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it. I appreciate the feedback so very much!

  24. Thank you David!!
    I have the first Art of Success CD’s and have learned many things. Still working on myself and why I’m not doing the things I need to do.

    • You’re welcome Linda. Continue to learn and grow everyday through committed action and you too will get the success you desire. It makes all the difference.

  25. David,
    Great content and although I’ve heard this story before, it really brought it home to me that we all must start from wherever our beginning is. thanks so much for your wisdom and insights, I’m looking forward to Art of Success 2.

  26. I was thinking about the four videos you graciously shared with all of us these past few days this morning. I would first like to thank you for the gifts and talents you give so freely to all of us. I would also like to request that I be put on the early bird list! But the big thought of the morning for me was realizing how all 4 videos gave the message of peace. All four of your guests either said it outright or suggested that peace/confidence they now have in knowing they are able to generate income and are no longer chasing money. I have been struggling in this area for a while and have felt unsettled. I haven’t been able to point it out until now. I am grateful you have provided the answer to my problem! Again, thank you for all that you do!

    • Thanks for the comment Robin. That peaces comes from knowing that you can always look within for exactly what you need. My clients featured on this series embody that each and every day, and it shows in their results. What separates them from you? It’s all in the decision. More to come about this new program; getting on the list is the first step.

  27. David, I took your Miracle of Money Program. Can you tell me how The Art of Success differs from this program? I loved you MofM program and is there an Art of Success I that I should get prior to the Art of Success II or were the free videos the Art of Success I program? Just a bit confused on this.

    By the way, absolutely love watching your videos. Thank you for sharing them all with us. Your teachings are absolutely inspirational.

    • You can never stop learning Sheri, and this newest program is evidence of that. The Miracle of Money is and always will be a great program that I am extremely proud of. But, it is specific to peoples beliefs around money. The Art of Success II encompasses my foundational teachings for creating success in all areas of your life, not just financial. Who doesn’t want that?

  28. I have really enjoyed all 4 videos from your More than Enough series. This information couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I am just getting my new business off the ground! I would love to receive information about the Art of Success II as it becomes available. Thank you, David!

  29. I don’t know where to begin. These videos have been so helpful to me especially video #3 when I realized that I’m more than enough after years of hearing what I wasn’t.
    I eagerly await the art of success!

    • You can only begin where you are Marilyn. Stay tuned for more information on how you can take advantage of the Art of Success II experience.

  30. I used the original free program that you put out, and found it made a huge difference in the way I approached all aspects of my life. When I started my own company Think It and Have It, I was able to incorporate several of the ideas that David shared to help me get my business started. I am looking forward to the next chapter of this program. I know that when you focus on what really is important, what focus on what you want, you can get there so much quicker. Thanks for the great information David.

    • You’re welcome Ellen. Incorporating even a single idea from these teachings can shift your beliefs and take you to a whole new level. More information to follow.

      • David I love how you explain what to do, step by step, in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Actually doing the exercises is where the transformation lies. The workbook and videos sound like they are full of the steps necessary to go to the next level.

        • For sure Kaylee. It doesn’t have to be difficult for it to be incorporated into your daily routine. I try to simplify it for maximum affect. Hopefully I have done my job.

      • To quit my consultant job and start to really live my dream.
        It is frustrating to have people tell you, that you have so much to give to the world, that you have change their lives, that the workshop was just what they needed and then because of money I work as a consultant. I do spend a lot of money going from Denmark to New Mexico 4 times a year to participate in a native training of Evocative Leadership, so I work full time as a consultant and after that I start on the things I really love – so I work all the time. I have no doubt that people/companies are holding on to the money when it comes to what I would love to do, but the main issue is my lacking of being able to do the right things.

        • Looks like you know what you want Mari-Ann. Get beyond that ‘right way of doing things’ piece and you’ll be unstoppable. Where does that come from exactly?

          • Gee, your comment make me think that you don’t get what I mean, but maybe that’s exactly what you do. I’am trying to figure things out so I can move on and probably feel safe at the same time.

  31. David,
    I have heard this story many times, but here on this video you present a depth of connection that I had yet to experience at any of your live events! I look forward to watching the DVD’s and learning more from your rich vault of wisdom in the Art of Success 2. In Gratitude.

    • Thank you Deborah. I am very proud of this program and excited about the opportunity to help so many people reconnect with their own Art of Success. Stay tuned…

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