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Learn how to tap the Law of Polarity and how you can Live in Exceptional Abundance.

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  1. Thanks, David! Sometimes I get caught in this trap where I feel like I’ve done so much work on myself in the past, and after facing some tough challenges that I never saw coming, it leaves me wanting to quit at my business. This really helped me regain focus as the solution is always inside me – not someone or something else.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I have known about the Law of Polarity intellectually for years but never realised I could actually use it to see the solutions to my problems. I resonate so much with the example that when a light is turned off the furniture in the room is still there. I actually teach that to youth whom I coach to become entrepreneurs but like in Rjon’s testimony, I was so frustrated that what I was teaching was not actually getting me the results I wanted. I had examined my beliefs about the problem I want to change thoroughly and was using hypnotherapy to try and clear these limiting beliefs. I saw some minor improvements as a result of that step but the blind spot was still very much there because my mindset didn’t actually shift. The other steps you give in this exercise suddenly -and magically- showed me what I hadn’t been able to see. I have a mentor I’ve been working with off and on for three years, helping him do project planning for his private foundation and now currently financial planning to manage various properties he owns while his wife is on maternity leave. Last year I started a project of my own that needs venture capital and I have been looking everywhere “outside” for sources of venture capital/financing and not getting any results. I always knew my mentor is very wealthy but for me there is a major difference between just being rich and being wealthy too. Wealth for me has much more to do with a mindset, a worldview, attitude and one’s approach to one’s Life Purpose. My mentor has helped me a great deal to develop a wealthy mindset but I was always afraid to bring that to tangible fruition because of the limiting beliefs I had about being rich. I have just realised through this exercise how my mentor became rich as well as wealthy and the solution to my problem is indeed right in front of me.

    • It sure is Jeanne, thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear that this information resonated with you and you’ve already received a series of a-ha’s. Here’s to many, many more.

  3. Thank you for giving creating this series! I’m sure I wont be able to afford a 101 session with you for a little while so I definitely appreciate your free advice. I agree with the victim mentality and feel that I have been a victim of myself for getting stuck in that belief. I’m not sure that I did the exercises correctly but I will try it with two other problems tonight, I know the potential in my niche but something seems to have me stuck on a trip to nowhere land. I look forward to put everything on this series to practice!

    • I look forward to hearing how the repeated use of these exercises helps to shift your current awareness Jennyfer. It’s all right here, you just have to want it badly enough and make the decision to push through.

  4. Very interesting video…I felt a bit of an “aha” in response to the question of what I would need to believe in order to bring about a solution. I’ll give it a try and let you know the results. Thank you.

  5. Hi David,

    I liked how you phrased the part about how we keep being victims, and we are a nation of victims. I am guilty of creating my mindset as a victim. Also, the way you give specific instructions surrounding the problem and its solutions is easy and practical.


  6. Thank you for this work David, it is important & to the point. I had an “aha” moment which allowed me to relax into the Reality which is already unfolding in front of me! Accepting good is a vital step to happiness :)

  7. Hi David

    I have been doing alot of work in the last few years and changing beliefs on the subconcious level its amazing work. I am on a journey trying to find my life purpose. Living a very unconcious life for many years has gotten me in alot of debt. I have healed on a mental/physical level and now ready to move forward and live the life i have dreamed of. After watching your video it resonated well with me. My question to you is how can your program help me become successful in my financial life. I don’t own a business but would do great if there was an opportunity i hold a full time job which barely makes ends meet.

    I am a looking for a challenge to live the life i so deserve.

    • Thanks for the comment Nina. What level of success are you looking to achieve in your financial life? By what you have written here if you continue to do what you’ve done you will continue to get what you have been getting. This program may or may not be the answer for you, but if it could help you get clear on your next steps than it is definitely worth the investment. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

  8. Hi David,
    Thank you very much. THis is really an eyeopener that the solution is at the same place as the problem.
    I have never thosught about it in such a way.
    Thank you


    • You are welcome Richard. It really does change they way we view situations with just that one bit of awareness. More to come.

  9. I have just listened to video #1 and found it most interesting. i will be definatatly listening to the next one and so on. i am hoping that the information given will be of some help. thank you.

  10. David, I really love how you have answered everyone who wrote something. That speaks volumes in itself.

    I’ve been a believer in Jesus for 35 years with some great experiences, but with way too much religious doo doo thrown at me along the way. I know that comes from men’s limited thinking, not from the Spirit of God. The last couple of years I’d say I’ve become a Christian mystic or ecstatic. Through Christ in me and meeting like-minded people I’ve had deep, ongoing mystical union experiences of God as pure Love & Goodness, and as the ultimate relationship, which has changed the way I see my past, church, theology, politics, business, my identity, my destiny… everything. That, of course, is beyond awesome.

    One of my “problems” or frustrations has been wanting to be able to share the Gospel in all it’s sheer goodness with others. I have tried for several years,to write a brochure length message summarizing the Good News but it seemed too big a scope to capture, and my efforts would hit the trashcan. And one of my gifts has always been in explaining things.

    With your exercise I realized my limiting belief was it had to come through me, and if I worked hard enough I could do it. What I needed to see it was already here without my efforts, and I just needed to rest in that reality, and I’d find it. When I understood your explanation of polarity within a couple of days I found exactly what I had been envisioning for over 2 years.

    BTW, I have largely been blessed in raising 5 really loving children (7 grandchildren & counting), as an IT person at the Univ of Florida but most of that time I was almost right on the US median income. I think I tolerated that because I was too busy with church and the quality of life in Gainesville was high. Although we usually had faith for our needs I’m just beginning to see how to get rid of that horrid lack mentality and tap into the abundance I’ve known about intellectually, but wasn’t my reality. How? I don’t know yet. I don’t have a business, but I know my abundance & bliss is already here. And I can’t thank you enough for your insights and for helping set free my long frustrated dreams.

    Love, Joy & Bliss, Dean

    • Thanks for sharing Dean. I’m grateful that you are resonating with this material and know that your breakthrough is very, very close. Continue to dive into the process fully and see what comes up for you. Targeting that limiting belief and bringing awareness around it is the key to moving through it. Keep me posted.

  11. Guess I really need to take ACTION. RIGHT NOW, I can actually visualize what to do in the exercise and am feeling more positive about things or challenges. Thanks!

    • The truth that the answer is in the problem is really a universal truth, however, what worked for me was writing down the challenges and actually going through the steps suggested in the video. Thoughts are powerful, seeing them written is life changing… Now I have more clarity and can look back on this paper and remind myself of what I needed to do and track what I have started doing to keep moving in the direction of my goals. .. pehaps a simple exercise , but very effective.. thank you !

      • I totally agree Margaret. Writing them down is part of the process and it really helps to clarify your thoughts, feelings, and actions around your beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

  12. just watched your video. made some notes about it. i could already visualize what to do in the exercise. right now, my head’s spinning and this actually made me feel more positive. guess i need to take ACTION. Thanks a lot!

  13. Thank you so much for a simple (maybe not so much easy, but definitely simple) way to analyze and begin to solve problems in our lives. This follows along with what we are currently doing to improve our lives to the point of abundance. We are doing the exercise and will keep you posted.

  14. This is amazing. I am really impressed with the video and steps. Putting them into action as soon as I complete this comment. Thanks, David. So glad I found you!

  15. I am currently employed by a major semiconductor company here in the USA. I work too many hours and make too little money. I watched this an some hope sparked in my heart that maybe — just MAYBE — if I work on a good plan just a few hours a week for awhile and ask the right questions (and I thought these were the right types of questions to be asking) that I have a chance of quitting the big company job and doing something I actually love doing and make five times as much as I am currently making. Thank you for the good instructional exercise and the inspiration to try.

    • You certainly can Linda, I am a walking example of that. If it is inline with what you desire, than follow it with committed action. We weren’t put here to struggle.

  16. I am excited to share this exercise with my husband when he gets home. As business partners, we need to let go of limiting beliefs and fear, create a plan for managing time and money, take massive action talking to more people about our opportunity, track results, trust God and each other.

  17. Hi David,

    thanks for the video. My first impression was : this sounds familiar, wonder how it will work. It really did. I am amazed at how simple the solutions always are (not always easy). Today I found myself “fighting”against the flu. My son and partner had gotten sick already and i didn’t want that. I used the questions, and my beliefs about being or getting sick where a lot about failure. That I was a failure in staying healthy as well as failing in being able to heal myself. With step 3 “trust” came up. When i could feel the trust in my body, myself and the process of Life I felt my strength and energy go up. And my fear of getting sick is gone. I just wasn’t sure how to apply step 4 besides really getting into that feeling of trust. Thank you, thank you. Looking forward to the next video.

  18. I am 68 years old and really have to work -either for myself or for others, I usually do both. I can just can not find work that pays even 1/2 of what I used to make hourly that last more then a few weeks. My own work has also slowed down probably due to lack of networking. I know all this stuff in the video but can’t seem to apply it. I actually have no fear, I’ve freelanced since I was 26. I actually just do not want to have to work and don’t know how or what will make me feel what I’m doing as work is something I want to do. Or what to do with the tons of photos (and jewelry) I have that will produce income that is enjoyable.

    • Well Susan, if you want to make money you are going to have to work. The key however is to find something you love so that it doesn’t feel like work. Get clear on what exactly you want financially, down to the penny, and start taking steps to bring it into your life. If you wait around for people to come to you you’ll be waiting an awfully long time.

  19. I realize how hard I have been making it for myself to succeed in my business and my relationship. So glad to see the soul-ution is right here for me to give my attention too. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights, I look forward to the next 3 videos!


  20. There is a saying that a problem well defined is half solved. Your lesson here reminded me to apply that simple concept. I am amazed at the rapid results in terms of clarity.

    • Thanks for the post John. Often times the most simple of concepts yield the greatest results. Congrats for taking that first step. I look forward to hearing more.

      • David, THANKS for these wonderful videos. I have seen them all a few times and they keep saying more each time. I have paused the video to write down the questions. It could help others if you offered a RTF download or link to a Google Doc. Then more people will put to use the great recommendations at the end of each video.

        I have been watching online instructional videos and reading books about success for years. I have answered their questions. Yet these have been among the most useful to move me forward rapidly.

        I began to answer the four questions on the first video then I hit a wall at step 3. I will go to the questions on the other videos and return to these later when I have slept on it a day or two.

        Step 1 Write down and problem you currently have.
        My current problem is
        making the transition in my online nonprofit organization
        from many years of research, planning and preparing
        through this season of
        1. gaining healthy habits
        2. publishing the initial products online
        3. preparing the business plan.

        Step 2 List your current beliefs about this problem.
        The workload is extremely complex with many layers and facets.
        There is far more work to do than I could ever accomplish alone.
        No person has ever brought together so many technologies and practical subjects.

        I must integrate
        1. long term strategic planning
        2. medium term project management
        3. short term task management

        I must greatly improve my support base by enrolling
        1. more intercessors
        2. volunteer advisers
        3. life coaches
        4. volunteer workers
        5. paid consultants
        6. board of directors
        7. generous donors

        All of this requires that I weave into my life
        1. Synergistic systems
        2. Ways to monitor progress from a central dash board
        3. Weekly and monthly report cards to accountability partners

        I must continually Let Go and Let God
        Let Go of …

        Let God …

        Step 3 What beliefs would you have if the problem’s solution was already in your life?

        Step 4 What would you have to do to experience those now beliefs? That’s the solution.

        • You’re on the right track John. If you are hitting a wall then step back and ask yourself what may be inhibiting your progress. There is something keeping you distracted from revealing a clear path in step #3. Get clear on what that may be an push through it.

  21. This is a great way to start of my day. I realize how important to take time and Identify those simple things that I thought don’t matter but it is really matter and it is impacting my whole life and future.
    Thanks David.

    • They sure do Leo, and that very well could be the reason you are struggling in certain areas. Glad you got what you were looking for and can’t wait to hear more breakthroughs along the way.

  22. I’m confused on a few of these. What does it mean by, “current beliefs about this problem”? For example, mine is that I need to lose weight. I KNOW how to do it, it’s just that I procrastinate following my plan constantly.

    • Thanks for the comment Michael. You know you have a problem with your weight, perhaps your current is belief may be that it is too hard to change your eating/exercise habits, or that you don’t have the time or evergy to lose it. etc. You have a belief around it because if you didn’t you’d easily lose it. It’s the same thing I have struggled with these past few years. With that in mind, all it takes is a decision and a commitment to stop at nothing to make it a reality. Good luck.

  23. I have done a lot of studying the law of attraction and things similar but when you explained polarity and that every problem has to have a solution that was my ah-ha moment. That makes sense…. I have the idea that there is no solution but when I look at it is there has to be a polarity of my problem and a solution…. wow !!!! I can’t wait to do the exercise and see what I come up with.
    Thanks David

  24. I have been successful at other endeavors, but was forgetting to apply sound goalsetting and correct beliefs to “my message”. I thing I had an idea since it is ‘spiritual’ in nature it should just break forth. This was an eyeopener that things I know, do and teach I had not been applying personally and in fact was just lost in the process. I especially appreciated the example of answers at the end. It showed me the what and how… because I did note the difference between my current beliefs & actions with the solution beliefs and actions. The former is totally FEAR-based and the latter FAITH-based. I was so caught up in fear I couldn’t begin to answer question 2 (although I’ve reheashed “the problem” ad nauseum). I eager to put this into practice, to actually adopt those SOLUTION BELIEFS. Can’t wait for the next videos and will return to let you know how it’s worked out.

  25. I found this exercise very refreshing. Made me realize all my problems tie together in one simple solution… start doing what I have always dreamed and I can solve my problems. Thanks for making me see the light… hopefully, we’ll receive more inspiring videos/exercises from you in the future. Blessings!

    • They sure do PJ, and doing what you love is always what will bring you closer to what you desire. I look forward to hearing more from you during this video series.

  26. As someone who has been stuck and therefore, lacks belief and inspiration, this video was a breath of fresh air. I desire to shift my business from a 12 year hobby to a real tangible living breathing business that generates a flow of income so I can accomplish the huge projects I dream about (and they are huge lol). I found this video helpful because it encouraged me to really dig deep and face those thoughts, beliefs, and resistances that are keeping me in a holding pattern. My aha moment was this: I have the resources internally, which are not dependent on external reality, which means I KNOW I can make anything happen. The resources are not outside of me nor am I dependent on someone or something else. I am responsible to generate enough energetic force/will to make shit happen… only I can do this. This energetic internal force is what punches me through… shifting beliefs are not enough, along with the belief is an internal push through that is generated by power – but it is a tangible inner sensation. I liken it to when a mother finds her power to give birth to her baby, all her energy comes together in one huge forceful, determined, act of ‘giving birth’ without the help of others. And this is a powerful moment. Thank you!

    • Wow Jennifer, that is great. You are gaining clarity around that which is holding you back, and realizing that it no longer serves you. Now, just keep moving forward with action and see what comes of it. It sounds to me like this powerful moment is the start of some very good things for you. Keep me posted.

  27. Aah Ha!! The fear and the barbed wire which are holding me in my current state are being generated by my mind and my beliefs. The Law of Polarity simply explains how I have and always have had total control over the outcomes in my life. I simply needed to have a different mindset and a simple process to follow. The knot of fear…. my NOT fear… feels like it is loosening already… I will spend my day writing my list and working through the four simple steps… Thank you very much David x

    • Awesome Tracey. Work through the steps presented here and see what else comes up around your sense of fear. Be sure to report back. I appreciate the post.

  28. Thank you David for making such a clear presentation with slides and giving a practical way
    to address our conflicting beliefs and find a solution. I will do the exercise and give a feedback.
    I am also familiar with the famous saying “that a problem cannot be resolved at the level it occurs”,
    which is not always easy to create a new level of solution. Wondering how that relates to your

    • You’re welcome Chantal. Creating a new level of solution comes from making decisions based on where you want to be, as if it is already here. Not always easy, but if you want the result it’s necessary. Keep drilling down and see what comes up.

  29. I knew right away you were right, that the solution is right there in front of me. And I knew right away how I need to think differently about money and rich people if I ever wish to join their ranks! Thank you for the quick Aha! :)

  30. Thank you, David.

    You made a couple of comments: There is some resistance happening on a subconscious level in these situations. You can study the process but in order to bring it into a learning situation you have to practice it. I am going to work with your process with these helpful comments in mind. Here’s to a world where everyone experiences their true potential. Your video is so very appreciated.


    • Sounds like a plan Deb. You too can experience your true potential by uncovering what may be holding you back currently. Sit with the exercise and see what comes up. I look forward to hearing back.

        • It should be easy, but for some it is the most difficult thing they’ve ever experienced Charlotte. Just when you think you have it figured out the ego will attempt to keep you off course. You have to stay committed and stop at nothing to make it happen. Easy as you make it!

  31. Thank You!!!
    very simple, very obvious! If I would have the money right now, I would buy whatever you are offering!

    • Why don’t you have the money right now Yessica? That is the bigger question. When you catch yourself in these types of moments where your words tell the tale, stop and assess. The money is here, and it’s all yours.

  32. Thank you for your unique take on this incredibly important content! I really plan to give this some thought. I have been working really hard to launch my business for just over 2 years, and feel overwhelmed by all I need to learn to bring steady income into my business. I have a tendency to feel like I need to learn everything that I hear about for marketing and growing my business because I have no technical background. I knew nothing about websites or social media prior to embarking on this journey. Just when I think I’ve learned what I need to know, I get another email for something else I’m not doing and then think – “Oh, I better learn that too!” Sometimes, before I’ve finished the thing I just learned. I’ve taken mutliple webinars, seminars and conferences – but I’m still struggling. I know my service is great – but because I feel like there is so much for me to learn – I sometimes feel like I’m going in circles and not getting anywhere. Your example was helpful. I need to get out from behind the webinars and seminars – and get out and talk to people more. I need to take a hard look at how I’m spending my time. I think in my desire to do things REALLY well – I have lost the sense of when to say – “I know enough to get out there” and stop putting that off until I “know everything I need to know so that I can be doing it all simultaneously”. Thre reality is – I will NEVER know all there is to know and I will always be getting emails about another webinar, teleseminar, conference or book that’s going to teach me the “missing piece” that will help my business be successful. I’ve got to stop the “bright shiny light syndrome” I’ve had going.

    • You sure do Chris, and focus on what you can do today to take the necessary steps to grow your business. If you wait until you learn everything there is to know it will be too late. Start now, move forward, and get down to the business of your business. I appreciate the post.

  33. I like anything that encourages people to go back to a pad of paper and a pen. There is something about writing something down, that typing just doesnt do. Great writing exercise. Period. Thanks! George Bruno – Philadelphia

  34. Very interesting timing! I have just leapt from a destruction, humiliating work environment in the twelfth year of my career to intense study to become licensed in Life/Health insurance so that I may sell Aflac, with the further goal of launching an art business called The Mapping Studio. I have $25,000 in debt that I desire to pay off this year. I will proceed this year with my plans! Except, as I shut myself in the house to study Life/Health insurance I have become afraid of negative consequences and don’t feel the wind under my wings at all like I did before I quit my job the week before last. So, with your video today, David, I am able to release my fear, begin to concentrate again, and reset my goals. My first step is to concentrate and learn the material so that I may pass the exam which I have scheduled for the 11th of February. I would really appreciate some support surrounding this, and would love to reciprocate to others who are also lone warriors stepping up to change their lives and contribute meaningfully to our planet. Thank you very much!

    • You’ve made the decision Pamela, and that is huge. Now, understanding that fear is a lie of the ego to keep you where you are is all the support you need to move forward. You’ve set the intention, now go and make it happen. I appreciate your courage and sharing here.

  35. I have been looking for you ever since I heard a tape from you! I’m so happy to have connected here. I totally understand this concept. Now the application!

    I love your initiative David Neagle!!!

    • Thanks Stone Love! What tape was that? I’d love to hear where you first came across my material and where you plan to go from here.

  36. Hello David, I love all your work and find it practical and inspirational. This video arrived at just the right time for me. Lucky for me the example you listed about finances was right down my alley. I think this fact itself shifted something because reading your proposed examples and suggests shifted me from a space of overwhelm into a place of I can do this and I know how. I intend to be one of many writing in real soon to share my success story with you. Thank you for the work you do and for sharing your knowledge with so many, so generously. In Light.

    • I look forward to hearing your success story Trilby. By the sounds of things this video hit just the right chord for moving forward in a big way. Make it happen.

    • That’s for sure Doris. You have to live your life and make decision based on where you want to go not where you are. If you do the latter you will just stay in exactly the same place you are. Stretch into it and see the results come in.

  37. David thank you for your video and the exercise, in doing it I realized deep inside me I was still holding onto some negative things that were said by teachers to me as a child. The video is excellent really easy to understand and I love the simple practical exercises. Thank you for the contribution you are making to me and in doing that to all. With huge thanks Angela

    • Great Angela. Just in this short video you were able to see how damaging those limiting beliefs are and that words from years ago can still do damage in your line of thinking. Well done and keep me posted on what else becomes uncovered in this process.

  38. Thank you…. so much for clean and straight forward questions that I have been unwilling to ask myself . I feel as though I can see a clearer exceptional abudance now. The answer is completely in the questions for me ….. I feel I can do this now….
    So much Gratitude…

    • You’re welcome Paige. Grateful you found it at just the right time; usually works that way. Looking forward to more breakthroughs.

  39. Thanks David. This 4 step process is helpful to me as well as to the members I coach through my site. It is right in line with what I believe and practice about turning obstacles into opportunities.

  40. Thank you so much! I have never heard of this law, but I’m so glad that I did. I did the exercises as they came up in the video. I paused every time and wrote down the 1st thing that cam to my mind. Oddly enough, some of the things that I hadn’t even imagined shot to the forefront and brought a level of clarity to my current situation. Thank you for sharing this and for being so ‘logical’ in the delivery. This helped me to realize that I am selling myself short and that my fear is keeping me from growing. I now know that I need to spread my wings. And it starts here, today. Again, Thank you!

    • Great awareness Mary. I love that you took your first thought when working through the exercise and didn’t over think it. Start today and make it happen.

    • This is content that is intended to be viewed multiple times Dorothy, mainly because there will be new insights each time you watch it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it; more to come.

  41. interesting the way is putted, but exemple only work for people having is own business. What about those that have no business and no money and no credit to start one?

    • Absolutely not Jose. This process can be utilized for anyone who is wanting to improve an area of their life; especially when a decision is being made. If you want to begin a business than the way to do that is already here. You just need to make the decision and commit to doing whatever it takes. Thanks for the post.

  42. Problem: Not enough cash flow to do everything I WANT AND meet my business and personal responsibilities and commitments. Not knowing which opportunities to choose and what is a shiny object which distracts my time and money.

    Current Beliefs: I have lots of choices only so much money every month. My business model needs to change to meet the income I want to create. I don’t know which choices to make and how to change my business.

    Needed Beliefs: I know what I want and I know which choices will take me there. There is plenty of money to achieve my goals.

    The solution: Make a decision!

  43. Well this would be the beginning to actually complete step 1. I’m not going to get into my problem but I have a severe case of PTSD to the highest level. Everything is re-occuring to a point where I created a OCD problem. I can accomplish any project except accomplish the tasks in life. As I think I realize that the circumstances in my life, how I feel, and how I react to them may be caused from ptsd but so many people relate to how I feel or react to life. I already have seen this step and begin this excersice in the most unethical and unpractical way for the last year. I like how you mention about the blind spots because I have explained this to so many people that even myself have blind spots, or limited thoughts and beliefs. I have gone through life with sustained thoughts that begin with a child hood trauma, and as a child until know at 28 I have fought through life and done the opposite of everything I was evers shown or came to known where I really was never able to create a life. Everything that follow my child hood trauma became more trauma. At 28 years of practice and watching this video I will begin the excersice and see if I can improve past that plato I never could get past. I’m interested in your voice of wisdom and already want to learn more.

    • Thanks for sharing Michael. Continue working through the process and see what you uncover. You have everything right here, you just need to find the key to unlock the door.

  44. Hi David,

    Thanks a lot for the useful information, to-the-point. I had heard tat same point before “every problem carries its solution” but in any case so well developed to make it practical, beyond just intellectual. Certainly i enjoyed the video.

    • Thanks Carlos. There is indeed a solution to every problem, and it can be as practical as you make it. You are the one in control, and knowing that makes all the difference. I appreciate the post.

  45. What great questions! It took me awhile to answer question three but once I did I loved the feeling that I had. It was as if I already had it. It was an amazing moment. Thanks. My answer to question three was, I would believe in the purpose of my life..with an unstoppable, passionate, love offering signature to the world.. and believe that it is worthy.

  46. What comes to you always matches you. It is good to be aware “to feel the feeling” that matches how you will feel when the problem is solved. Your excercise really helps narrow down the roadblocks in order to take action and breakthru to “all is well” again. I am extremely pleased you shared it. You are uplifting humanity :-)

    • Excellent Kathleen. Happy you enjoyed it since there is definitely more to come. These exercises are life-changing, that is if you allow them to be.

  47. Hi David,
    Watched video two first. Did as you suggested and went back and watched videao one. Realized that my belief about a lack of great employers in my field was frustrating me. On a deeper level I know that being a great employee means that a good employer would want me, and that I would make that employer’s business even better. My challenge is to accept that I am a valuable asset and need to wait for the right opportunity, not just what comes first or next. Having trust that I will find where I am most and best meant to be is key. Actively looking with pateint enthusiasm is my plan and my path. I know that good will find good and togther we will be great. That is the solution I choose to embrace to manifest an opportunity where previously only a problem exists. My current employer is not the problem rather a stepping stone to something better, and with a positive attitude I wil find what is better, and the best fit employer for me next. Thanks for helping see how closing this door is opening a window to manifest the fulfillment I desire and we all deserve. I wish that extravagent abundance for one and all. Thanks for the nudge in the right, even the best direction David! – Susan

    • You’re welcome Susan. The sooner you can come to the realization that you are invaluable the better. That is pivotal in bringing in exactly what you are looking for. It’s out there.

  48. psychologically I’m labeled “an adult child of an alcoholic.” For years I’ve read (studied) with the best ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Esther & Jerry Hicks with Abraham, Mary Margret Moore with Bartholomew, Dr Wayne Dryer, Eckhart Tolle. I explore with Hay House Radio, Healing Your Life, and so much much more. I’m a Spiritualist who doesn’t really care about the psychological label but it does explain why I’m haunted by depression and anxiety. If I don’t KEEP UP with spiritual reality daily (moment to moment), I discover myself struggling upstream (against the current) as if I’m living in my yesterdays. At 56 years old, my kids grown and moved on, living single, learning anew, I’m tired of yesterday. I’ve accepted my need to KEEP UP with spiritual reality ~ the best way to keep it is to get it TO GIVE IT AWAY. Many messengers are currently sharing the same message but as “writers, coaches, and speakers” each are logically using different words. Jesus shared the same messages using language of his day (which unfortunately have been distorted along the way to what we have available in our today). My life hasn’t blasted off to pure joy as of yet but it’s going to. I surrender myself to these teachings (of yours and others previously listed) for the purpose of sharing spiritual truths and universal laws with others. It seems to be my souls’ desire ~ for what other reason would I keep stumbling upon (or being drawn) to the many of you? Together we are one with the infinite source of all possibilities (AKA, God). Thank you for your free sharing.

    • You’re welcome Diana. Are you clear on what you want and how you plan to make a difference with those you work with? There’s no need to look back, only forward. Keep me posted on any other breakthroughs you may get as part of this series.

      • NO not yet (in answer to your question) YES in agreement to looking forward AND I really like how you have set your pages up so that we can see participants plus your personal replies. It adds value and opportunity for more “learning” while deflating feelings of being lost, if and when we students “get stuck”

        • We wanted to provide a place for you to continually learn from the content of these videos, and I love engaging those with the courage to write in. It helps the process so much and the results follow. Keep moving forward Diana.

  49. Issue: Need more money
    Current beliefs: Really don’t know how to earn enough to equate to what I want & many others which are negative.
    Belief if solution was already in my life: Anything is possible. And other beliefs, depending on how the money appeared – from what source, etc.
    What would I have to do to experience anything is possible? I don’t think the question is “do”. It feels more like “be”. More open to possibility, to inspiration, to others, to Myself.

    I keep remembering Einstein (?) who said the solution to any problem cannot be found at the same level of thinking that created it.

    What do you think of all this, David?

    Thanks very much.

    • You’re welcome Elaine. It sounds as if you have pointed out the limiting belief that is holding you back. What is it that you want currently that you are not getting? There is some resistance happening on a subconscious level in these situations. Get clear on what that may be and take action today to work through it.

  50. I learned to resolve blocking beliefs by focussing on their opposites actually more realistic – and feel
    helped to get the new computer with joy, instead of negative expectation. David informed matter of factly, and not manipulativelly wasting my time, like most “free videos”. I was not able to apply the “belief-domination” knowledge into practical application. Suprised how fast with the suggested method. Thanks David.

    • That’s great Yesh. These videos are intended to be matter of fact because that gets to the heart of the situation more quickly. There are breakthroughs within this content just waiting to be uncovered. Here’s to yours!

      • Yes! This was an eye opening moment ! I did also have a difficulty finding my belief in my problem … Is this another way of asking :”why I have this problem?”and I plan to listen to this video everyday !and I love”every problem has his solution “

        • It can be Antoinette. When you look at the problem you are facing, take note of what you are feeling and how your ego will try to take you away from it. You can definitely ask the ‘why’ here if it helps, but know that getting to the core belief around it makes the difference. Keep working that muscle; it gets easier.

    • Thanks for the comment Maurice. This video series in effect a blueprint for how to live your life and make decisions based on where you want to be. Can it assist in the healing of your auto-immune problem? The fact that you are asking the question shows that the answer is already here.

    • Comment to Maurice…I may have the help you were asking about..would you be interested in checking out a completely unique, and INNATE to the body, molecular supplement with independent, double-blind research behind it? This product restores the capacity of imbalanced or damaged cells to maintain health, repair imbalances and damage, or replace themselves with new, functional ones. (703-581-4156).

      David..I couldn’t find the place to comment to you, so I am doing it here..the ‘problem’ I selected was increasing my capacity to effectively communicate my business, and to thus help people. Working with a relatively new, breakthrough Health Science technology, I have not yet been as successful and effective as my knowing, experience, and excitement will allow. I have been looking at, and practicing to the best current standard I have possessed, what I need to recognize and put into action in order to become all that I can be, and to help as many people as I am capable of. So…I have taken the first step of responding to the request I heard in Maurice’s post, (all others interested in health, althletic performance, and energy may respond as well), and I am looking forward to seeing what may come of this whole exercise. I read Maria’s post, some few below this one, and had a similar response…I know all of these approaches work..and I have been studying and practicing, reading, doing programs, etc. for more years than I care to count, and still have not been able to surmount ‘what is there’. It seems to me that part of the solution may be a human mind field state change..sort of like the 100th monkey principle, if you are familiar with that. I am approaching this with the most open mind I can muster, and with the willingness to recognize and to change. I know that one thing I need to improve upon is taking consistent and effective action, as well as deepening belief in myself, on a practical level. Thank you for this presentation, and your work..I am looking forward to the 2nd video. Anjara

      • You’re welcome Anjara. You said it, consistent and effective action are crucial to achieving the breakthrough you desire. It is only as difficult as you make it.

  51. Hi David,
    Thanks for the video and the exercise.!
    Here is where I am: I have read “The secret”, “Law of attraction” , many books about positive thinking and taking control of my thoughts. I have seen, heard followed many inspirational speakers religious and not religious. Everything I have learned point to the same direction, everything makes sense, but I am still waiting for that AHA! moment. There must be a point when everything clicks and it becomes real.
    I want to think I am not the only one who feels like I know the theory but how do I put it into actions and therefore get results???

    • Have you stopped to think why you haven’t had your big a-ha yet Maria? You can study the process but in order to bring it into a learning situation you have to practice it. It’s like a muscle, without the proper training it doesn’t perform to its highest potential. Get clear on what it is that you may be resisting and see what comes up for you.

  52. Problem: Inability to connect with people at the energetic-emotional level.

    Beliefs around this problem: I have a deeply engrained habit of emotional detachment and watching that precludes emotional engagement.

    Beliefs if I had the solution: I would naturally expect that I would engage emotionally with each person I meet.

    Ah-ha: A related problem is not being able to look into someones eyes at the same time that I am speaking to the person. Right now my vision is probably connected with my forebrain in the watching mode when I am speaking with someone. If I were to engage energetically-emotionally from the heart and the gut with people, then probably my vision would be linked more to my heart and gut through the lower brain (need to look up more precise connection) than with my forebrain. So then I could probably look people in the eye at the same time that I would be conversing with a person.

    To bring the solution into fruition: Visualization aided by EFT tapping.

    • Well done Glenn. This process can work for any situation in your life where you have a belief you want to get some clarity around. Appreciate the comment.

  53. This video serves as confirmation to something I’m already doing.
    The principle I’m using is this: Rejection of evil is the acceptance of good.
    When you reject impossibilities you open the door to accept possibilities.
    The tools I recently acquired. I wasn’t using them in this way.

  54. Here it is 24 hours or so later since I watched the video and unbelievably, at least to me, I actually got a sense of what I can do differently to change everything. So, after writing this note, I’m going to start writing, this from a person who said yesterday I had nothing to say. These concepts are tools that can apply to every step along the way. I’ve been asking questions, a recently acquired tool in the last 9 months, and these questions you have outlined have unlocked a place of possibility that was just beyond my reach. Way cool!

    • That’s great Harmony. It’s amazing what 24 hours will do…and it just keeps getting more clear the deeper you go. Keep me posted.

  55. Thank you Mr. Neagle. What a wonderful video. I have a question. I really need a miracle!! I am at the end of my savings and I am looking for a job right now. I do not have a business of my own. Would these exercises work in the same way. Would I imagine what it would be like to have a job? Thanks for your help.

    • If that is what you truly want Donna, then yes it will work. However, you have to put in the action steps to make it happen. What will you right now to get the right job? As long as your aligned with it than you will bring in exactly what you need.

  56. Thanks, David! It’s amazing how quickly the solutions come to mind when framing the questions this way, and how empowering the answers are. I’m loving the polarity perspective – if there’s a problem, there’s a solution – not only for myself, but for using this law with my clients as well. (And thanks to Jimbo Marshall for sending me the email with your videos!) Looking forward to what’s next.

    • That’s great Linda. Thanks for sharing your experiences here, and I look forward to delivering more in the weeks to come.

  57. David,
    This was kick ass, Thank You! I am going to try it out immediately. I have just started my business as a health and wellness coach and was meant to do big things! I have my problem, which is ZERO clients, and will find the solution to attract in at a high level. I discovered that my belief was that it is really hard, has to be forced and that I have to spend all my time going to networking events that are unappealing to me. OH SNAP, this video made me look where my limiting beliefs lie! Thanks David…looking forward to more good stuff from you.

  58. More and more everyday, I am gladly seeing common people “discovering” the Seven Universal Divine Laws (you may refer to The Kybalion), and actually willing to apply them and practice them in real life. These Laws were “exclusive” to “secret” societies or circles, because of the nature of their Power and Effectiveness. Some of the people that have found >the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow< after applying any of these Universal Laws were and are so happy and excited, that decided to go that extra mile, a step forward, to share this "Secret" with the rest of us. Examples? Rhonda Byrne, Bob Doyle, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Alexis Neely, Michael Beckwith,… and you, among many others! My Higher Self humbly salutes to Yours recognizing the universal contribution that you are making. You are teaching how to fish and feeding them for their lifetimes, and not only giving them a fish to eat for a day only. I am so glad to know about you, David. Blessings! NAMASTE.

    • Thanks Elvira. Definitely not a secret in my life, and I’m glad to hear not in yours as well. Appreciate the kind words and look forward to hearing more about this series.

  59. Thank You Soooo Much David! Wow, that is very insightful and very much appreciated. I have often heard the solution was in the problem; however, wasn’t sure as to how to find it. I think this just might be the answer. Thanks again very much! Awesome!

  60. Ok, I’m going to spend sometime looking at my beliefs, some seem fear-based, others that I’m unrealistic or a dreamer. I like having a way to access what’s keeping me from having the abundance that I know is available already. Then on to potential new beliefs, yes! It was great that you had the example, it really helped me get on track to start looking at my own limiting beliefs, so thanks for that. I’ll be back…

    • You wouldn’t be able to have the thought if the way to achieve it wasn’t already present Harmony. Take your unrealistic dreamer side and let it out! I’ll be waiting to hear back…

  61. Hi David, yesterday I sent you my comments and you sent me back to your first video. However, I have reviewed my questions. My current beleif “I dont have enough money iin my life, I live in mentality of lack and scarcety.
    What do I need to beleive? That there is abundance i n Gods universe and that I deserve and is possible for me to live in abundance. I dont know what do I have to do to experience this new beleifs – maybe that I am very succesfull. But I dont know how to change my experience and convince myself about the change in beleifs.
    Could you please comment and send me the 2 video?
    With gratitude and blessings, Leah

    • Patience Leah. The next video will be delivered shortly. Sit with the content from this first video in the series and take the lessons and apply them. You do know what you need to do, you’re just not digging deep enough.

  62. David – I experienced your live event last year and it was absolutely one of the BEST I’ve ever attended! And I have attended many events so I say that with ‘knowing’. Your ability to convey ideas that seem complex in a simple way is what sets you apart. This video reminds me of the shifts you’ve help me make in my own life. Thank you for all you do for so many people! And thank you for this video series and program!

    • Thanks for the kind words Deb. I’ve made it my practice to take these concepts and make them more understandable and easier to implement into daily life. It seems to have worked. Appreciate the post.

  63. I just listened to the video link. It’s true, the value of my work has to come from me first. My very best friend, who I call my job coach, has told me this and to honor my gifts to help others. I have been told that my healing work is amazing from patients at 2 local hospitals as a volunteer in Connecticut. In the past few months, Spirit has opened new doors and marvelous opportunities bringing my dream of opening up a healing arts practice to fruition…..all from the groundwork I have done during the past year. Listening to this clip makes me look more closely at finding the solution…..allowing my practice to take off…..looking at what needs to be done next to change my volunteer status to paid status with an abundance of clients….Rather than a desperate practice, I have a successful practice, and the ability to joyfully continue giving to others in my community….without fear or lack because I have enough!!!!!! I want you to know, that this solution came to me through Spirit as I was typing my comment…Blessings to you! Linda, Healing Artist

    • Great to hear Linda. It sounds like you are committed to taking the necessary steps to make this dream a reality. What are you doing today to make it that much closer?

  64. Yup! Of Course! are the first things that came to mind. I used this process for business and personal. And always looking for the solution but not inside. The belief system is very beneficial and helpful!!! Would love to use this process in my coaching!! Cheers!

    • Those are not uncommon reactions Deb, believe me. Using it in all facets of your life helps to bring a sense of clarity around what you are or are not doing. Glad to hear you took some good stuff from it.

  65. Thank you so much David for putting together such high quality content as a gift. This is really generous of you and much appreciated. I really enjoyed it.

    • You’re welcome Angi. Glad you got what you were looking for and I hope the next video in the series proves to be as equally beneficial.

  66. david! thank you for your generosity and help, and making such a difference in the world. i’m about to use law of polarity on my worst problem! will let you know how i get on soon – thanks again!

    • What is that problem Ange? Voicing it here begins the process and helps to shine the light on it. That is where the breakthrough comes from. I look forward to hearing back.

    • It certainly can be Lawrence; it all depends on how big your sense of urgency is and if you are willing to step into something that may be a stretch. Faint of heart need not apply, but if one dives in and learns more about themselves the outcomes speak for themselves. I appreciate the post.

      • Jay Abraham posted this on FaceBook today, “Ironically, the more STUCK
        people feel, the more attached they will be become to the status quo,
        regardless of the lackluster quality and diminishing quantity of the
        results they are receiving from those efforts.”

        I responded, “Why?” . Why do people choose this lack luster environment
        over potential bliss? Are we hard wired to seek out misery and poverty?


        • That’s a question to ask those who continue to be mired in that place of confusion Lawrence. I believe they make the conscious choice to stay there because there is some safety in their dysfunction and are resisting making any sort of decision to change it. It’s so much easier to complain and stay the same than it is to take a risk and be seen. They are all limiting beliefs created by your ego to keep you safe.

  67. This was a great reminder for me that we have two choices in life – one is to let our thinking rule our lives and the other is to rule our thinking and change our lives. Thank you!

  68. I think because I have been bringing up kids since I was twenty I thought I was just paying the “rent”..but actually have an immense skills set and have previously been in denial that i was actually running a business I thought I was happy just to “tick Over” not so since I heard your chat you have made me realise my skills are worth while and worth paying for.. I will be in touch thank you already for the success I am about to generate..

  69. You are so right! we just don’t value ourselves enough… those that do, create what they desire… The trick is treating our body’s well, and with respect, so we can enjoy the benefits when they come, “because when you believe in what you desire” it will happen, we need to be good to ourselves; so we can be good for others..

  70. Hmmm, I was surprised that just basic core issues came up about self-worth and what I deserve, besides just practical steps to be taken in achieving a solution to a problem. So, part of the solution is to just keep telling myself that I deserve to have it- over and over! Pretty simple actually-yet not always easy to keep in mind. Thanks David. Good exercise!

    • It really is an interesting exercise Caol; so simple on some levels but much more complicated in practice on others. Very happy to hear that it will be top of mind for you moving forward. I appreciate the post.

  71. I KNEW when I clicked on the link in the email, that this was gonna be IT, so I expressed my gratitude right then for whatever I was to learn from it. I’ve heard it over & over & over again, that if the problem is here so is the solution, but I really HEARD it this time and I’ve finally got it….Thank you!!! I can’t wait for the other videos, to see what’s next….:)

  72. Thanks for the video. I am in the process of closing a small private therapy practice in Alaska and moving back to Oklahoma to work at a mental health agency. I have many skills and talents. I am not very good at self promotion. When I was a computer superstar, headhunters came after me. Things are very different now. I am very good at what I do. I am very tired of being a hidden talent.

    • So what will you do to bring that talent out of the shadows John? Put together a plan for success and take the necessary action to make it happen. It begins with a single step.

  73. Is this program based on Landmark Education theories? It sounds exactly the same. “Blind spot” a lot of your terminology is word for word. Transformation as well. If so, I’m not surprised it is effective if applied. Great job in making it easier to understand. Some of their concepts are not the easiest to grasp for some. :)

    • Actually Tracy, this program is based off of my foundational teachings from years of studying the works of people like Wallace Wattles, Napolean Hill, and the like. Happy to hear that you found it easy to understand, which was my point all along. Thanks for the post.

  74. Hi David! I’m not that familiar with your work but when I saw the video clip with you and the women business leaders you’ve worked with I knew I needed to “listen up” to what you had to share, as I am very familiar with the work that each of the women are doing.

    So, I just watched the video. It was very clear to me that I have not been setting clear boundaries. Since I work from home, I am constantly interrupted with phone calls from friends and “I am” letting others absorb so much of my time. (I’ve already had 4 calls today). I’ve also had limited beliefs about getting out there and marketing.
    1. My budget has not allowed me to attend many (paying) mixers and networking events. So I’m going to work on finding different ways to meet people. And I’m going to “get out there!”
    2. I need to revamp my “elevator speech.”
    3. I’ve had a lot of negative beliefs about my divorce preventing me from building my business. I had to close my office due to the financial strain of legals costs (9 years and the divorce is still not final!) so I haven’t been able to put that money into my business. I’ve waited to pass out my new business cards with my maiden name until the divorce is final. My old cards have an invalid business address/website/email address.

    This exercise is great for all areas of one’s life. If you work for an employer you may feel you don’t have enough “me” or “family” time. It could be used for health and fitness decisions or to overcome bad habits, improve or find a relationship, etc. Thanks for sharing this David! I look forward to watching the rest of the videos.

    • Excellent Karen. Getting all that from this video tells me this has been weighing very heavily on you. Set those boundaries, stay laser focused, and start now to build the life you want.

  75. It is funny how the universe can bring you exactly what you need if you listen! I am sure I am like so many other who have do other programs, listened to millions of calls, videos and books.

    Listening to your video- something clicked. Seriously clicked! I just met with a potential new design client the other day (as a few of my others are finishing) and my intuition has been screaming at me that the design plans for their new house is wrong, that it will not solve their problems, and in fact aggrivate them!

    Till now the fear voice has been telling me that “who am I tell them that this is not the solution after just meeting them for 2 hours? I will lose this client- AND I might not get another one for a while!”.

    It has dawned on me after doing your exercise, that actually- by letting them know my opinion, and the reasons why just might lead to an ever BIGGER commision here! AND that by being honest and authentic about my concerns that this investment is not right for them, will really show my skills and talents- that I AM an incredible designer that can see and spot QUICKLY what will work and what will not. This is my talent and skill- and I love to help create the appropriate design solution.

    Even if they are not receptive to my opinion- well, then they are not the right clients for me then and all it does is open up the door for those who recognize and will listen to my design advice.
    Even to just type that out was hard- felt like I was bragging!

    My belief to ‘flip’ is that I should take any client that comes to me. That I do not deserve high-end clients.

    Thank you for letting me see my blind spot!
    Can’t wait for the next video.

    • You are getting it Mary-Christine. When you take yourself seriously (speaking your mind, raising your prices, etc.) others take not and do the same. Congratulations on the awareness and I wish you more success in the very near future. Keep me posted on any other breakthroughs.

  76. David, I am an attorney struggling with a fledgling practice and I was excited to learn how Rjon went from making $100K to 7 figures a year. I was a bit disappointed to learn that he had to convert from practicing law to being a success coach to make the serious money be wanted. Perhaps this is my limiitng belief–that a solo practitioner cannot make serious money–and this is what I should analyze. I just find it interesting that so many of these success stories involve people who made the serious money when they ditch the first business and then become a success coach.

    • They went where they felt they could make the most impact Jean, and in the direction of their heart’s desire. They didn’t deny it, they went with it. In RJon’s case, he still works with the people he wants to, and is making a huge difference in the lives of those he encounters. For you, get real clear on what it is you want to do and use that as your first step to make it happen. I’d also advise you to avoid comparing yourself to others and what they are doing and believe that you can do whatever you want from this point forward. It’s waiting to be claimed.

  77. Thank you, David.
    I’m very visual and your “blind spot” analogy makes so much sense.
    I’m currently in a scary financial situation, the fear is paralyzing and I find myself procrastinating.
    WOW, just in that one sentence I realize two additional beliefs I have about the problem: scary and paralyzing.
    No need to say anything else.
    This is going to be an interesting journey.

  78. David,

    I’ve only seen your first video but I didn’t find it helpful. I wrote down as my biggest problem, “I cannot find work that is high-paying, stimulating, and furthers what I’m passionate about.” I’ve been knocking on doors, going to career websites, filling out applications with museums and tour companies so that I can have a steady, generous income, live off of it, and invest it in my fairly new business, a tour company where I’m so poor now that I haven’t been able to purchase a website to be able to advertise and other sites that would list my tours won’t do so until I have a dedicated website set up. It’ll finally happen next week, after a year of waiting and frustration.

    When I wrote down what beliefs I would have if the solution were at hand, I wrote “I know what I believed is not true because I have work that I enjoy and pays me well and I’m investing in my business, which is thriving.” When I wrote down what I had to do to get to the new belief, I wrote “Find work with a museum or tour company or historic preservation society that allows me to invest in my business”. I read it and while I did feel some shift, my main reaction was, “Duh!” I know that already. Where and what is the transition that’ll get me to my new belief? So that is why I said I didn’t find much help in this first video.

    I wonder what I missed?

    • Thanks for the post Tom. Let me see if I can follow. You first wrote, “I cannot find work that is high-paying, stimulating, and furthers what I’m passionate about.” Then you wrote, “I know what I believed is not true because I have work that I enjoy and pays me well and I’m investing in my business, which is thriving.” What is it that you want to be doing Tom? Near as I can tell you are straddling two very different things here. Get clear on what you want and you’ll find your transition.

  79. Thanks David. Great information!! It’s the small thought changes that can push us over the tipping point to success.
    Looking forward to seeing your other videos.

    • That’s where it starts Adele. That negative self talk can really keep you in a bad place and nothing constructive can come from it. Change your words and you begin to change your world. It’s more than that, but I have a feeling you get that.

  80. I have long known this in my head and experienced it with my higher paying clients however I just moved the concept into my heart where I know my services are worth more than what I thought to be high priced. More importantly, only clients who seriously invest in themselves actually make changes.

    I want to attract only clients willing to invest in themselves, women ready to change not just talk about wanting to change.

  81. I work with nonprofits to help them raise money. I’ve struggled financially as a result of wanting to help small nonprofits and truly believing when they say they don’t have money to pay for it. I’ve dropped my prices as low as I could (much lower than I should) and am still being told they can’t afford it. They treat me as if I’m this rich business owner who should just give everything to them for free (not a great business model :-) ). Anyway – I realized that I need to see them getting the money to pay me as part of the transformation of their organization from one being stuck in a poverty mentality (scraping to get by and scrimping on important things because of it) to one that is serving the community in a big way – having the resources to do that effectively. So I’m going to start focusing part of my first meeting with potential clients on helping them figure out where to get the money from – because it’s that important to them and that important to the communities they serve.

    • And being in business means you get paid for your services Marie, don’t forget that. Those who say ‘money is the root of all evil’ have never had any. Time to start getting what you deserve and accepting that is the price of doing business. Something has to change, what will that be?

  82. Interesting! I used losing weight. What I have to do to experience the belief that it is easy, fun and social to lose
    weight is to buy and eat only those foods that I thoroughly enjoy and that my body experiences as nourishing! All the other obstacles, hard work, shoulds and shouldn’ts that haven’t work were not relevant!

    Sure game to act as if I believe. Will let you know. Thanks. All my best, Aine

  83. Quite simple, yet very enlightening! Apparently, it works just for any problem in life.
    Guess I’ll start with procrastination and will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks !!

  84. Thank you, David, this is a wonderful exercise. It helped me gain insight on a serious problem I’ve been struggling with in the realm of my relationship. My partner needs me to make a decision that I’ve been ambivalent about and this exercise helped me to see that my ambivalence has been a tactic of the ego to maintain control. My unconscious misperception has been that if I withold a decision, I have the power, when in fact, not making the decision only stops me and our relationship from growing, makes us both unhappy and risks destroying the beautiful relationship we’ve worked so hard to create. The solution: take this problem out of the realm of the ego and into that of spirit and take the leap of faith with an open, love-filled heart. Again, thank you for helping me change my attitude!

    • Nice awareness Rachel. Did you make the decision as to when you will take that next step? The longer you put it off the more likely you are to regress and avoid it entirely.

  85. Hi David,
    I know a well saying is worth thaking heed to. Sometimes people as well as myself think we have change our way of thinking, and end up where we last stop. I have did some vital research over the months, and I am really looking toward what I do not see. I am searching this out. I have released a bundle of distractions since October 2012.

    You give such inspriation to lead a person into a thought of thinking. I am so grateful to you for e-sending this series. I am taking heed this time.

    Thank you,


    • That’s great Janice. Letting go of those distractions helps to keep you focused on where it is you want to go. More vids to follow, I hope you enjoy them.

  86. Thank you for your video and for giving me the necessary questions to ask myself. I’ve always known my beliefs were holding me back. These questions will help me move forward. Kathy

  87. Hi David,

    Great insight during the video. This gave me a great start to thinking about how to approach the challenge (not a problem) and see if I can resolve it in a different way. I work at a bank but just graduated from medical massage school and waiting to obtain the license if approved. I’d like to incorporate this with my work as well. I could stand to earn more for a living. I’d like to try this technique with my teen-age daughter too, (shaking my head), I’m way under water dealing with her and long for peace. Ha ha! Gotta love’em!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for your insights and exercises for me to work on. Also thank you for not charging $$ for us to listen to you too for this tidbit of info :) Much appreciated!

  88. Thank you David – I have already broken through the awareness step and have started on my journey but it was great to have practical advice that can be used all along the line. Very clear and helpful. Margie

  89. Love the video. I have been on such a journey to shift my paradigm and focus around what I want instead of what I lack. This is such a great next step to that because it focuses on how we believe and how we see the solution which is really the end result we seek. Very awesome, thaks David!

    • Exactly Roberta. What’s awesome is that with continued practice the breakthroughs just keep coming. Make it a part of your daily life and see the results come in.

  90. Thank you, David. I appreciate the working example. Those answers given were very in line with what I needed to be honest with myself about Time management was one thing, but the personal time tracking to pin point the opportunities to improve was perfect. Business/personal boundaries was also an aha moment. I like that you’ve made the solution simple and created an equation of how to walk backwards to the answer. Now I need to pull back the veil and be honest with myself and change my mind about some thing. Thank you again for sharing your experience and your message.

  91. Hey David. It’s all good, the idea, that raising my prices would attract a more serious client,, was astounding to me!! That never crossed my mind. I also became aware that I’m going backwards with the way I’m doing things at present. Feel excited, I now have a plan and it’s all focusing on a new way of creating a life extraordinary. You’re a gem. Many thanks Judy

    • It starts with raising your prices Judy, and you are on your way. Keep me posted on your results and enjoy the rest of the series.

  92. I believe that a simple thought has kept me looking for the solution – It’s not here. I keep waiting on the solution to appear.
    As long as I believe what I’m believing it will not.


    • In order to get a certain result Connie you have to look at what it is that you are currently doing. Are you content with where you are in your personal and professional life? What is the message you are trying to get from watching this video? You are creating the reality, so there must be something to it. I’d love to hear more.

  93. I value what you are sharing and your desire for feed back. How to look from a new perspective. Recognize false beliefs. Naming concrete actions steps to take. All key components to living a life aligned with spirit. And, I wish that you had condensed your gifts. How might you have said what you said in half the time? I hope this is of help. With respect, Rosalind.

    • Thanks for the feedback Rosalind. This is a more condensed version of what I am used to teaching in my live events, and the least amount of time it would take to dive into the exercise.

    • This was something to think of. I have tried to make it for years at a home base business using the internet.
      I have tried many different things in the past 15 years but really have not made a dime. Ok make a little but not much. Still looking and I do not want to give up. I will do the steps you presented and see if it helps.

  94. I am retired after 30 years working for the Government Welfare system with an adequate financial benefit and will play with your suggestions/recommendations to see what I will do to increase my income. Thanks.

  95. NO. Not at all helpful. I don’t own my own business. I manage a not for profit.
    MISLEADING TIMEWASTING ADVERTISING. It should have read if you are a small business owner,…. I AM NOT. So, do I want to go into business. NO. I provide services to POOR people. People below the breadline – this is what I do. There are social workers, nurses, teachers etc. We are not all vultures. YOur million dollar man who ONLY had 7000 per month. Boo hoo.

    • You don’t have to own a business to learn from the content in this series Anne, but I am a business coach. Meaning, I work mainly with people in some type of business. Not sure what is misleading in that.

      What I find most interesting is the overall wording in your post. Definitely some deep seated anger there, which makes me wonder what triggered you in this situation. I’ve worked with people in social work, teachers, etc and the theme is consistent; those who have everything they want earn it. Why? Because they are creating it. Continue living the life of your choosing Anne and I will do the same. I appreciate the comment.

  96. The problem that I faced today was finally admitting that I have gone nowhere in my career since I obtained my Real Estate license. I do not feel that I have reached the level I should be at my Sales are very low and I continue to chase low sales just to get by to pay the bills when I really should be concentrating on targeting a specific market. It was hard to admit this and I believe that the solution is and has always been there I was just not willing to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for helping me realize it’s not them it’s me.

    • You’re welcome Eloise. That is a very important step for you and not always an easy one to take. Now that you have come to that realization what will you do to stretch that comfort zone and begin attracting the target market you want to work with? Get very clear and continue moving forward.

  97. I’ve been teaching leadership skills to supervisors and middle managers in non-profit social service agencies (and I have been financially struggling) for 7 years. Lots of folks like my services but too few are willing to pay me. There is an element of truth to their financial position. They are highly regulated and their finances mostly come from units of state and local government who are also struggling. Most non-profit revenues are 15-18 points behind the consumer price index over the last 10 years. But is this a blind spot for me? Do I need more powerful ways to monetize what I do? Do I have to guarantee an ROI? Maybe, even though they say nice things to me, they really dont feel the “need”; after all, if the electric bill is higher, they pay it. What would happen if I could give up my “they cant afford it belief?”

    • Thanks for the comment Larry, and my answer to your blind spot question is a yes. Also, ask yourself the question: What do I want to be doing and what kind of financial position do I want to live the life I want to lead? That is where you must start from because obviously you are not getting that in your current position. With regards to your ROI piece, there are no guarantees the people you are working with are going to get their desired result because it is out of your hands. Be careful with that because if the person stops at any point in the process it could come back to get you. I’d say you need to focus on working with those who value your services and can pay you as such. First, you have to take yourself more serious and settle for nothing less than the best.

  98. I had no idea how many beliefs I have had that are blocking me and my income cash flow until I started writing them down. Very good breakthrough for me. Now I need to work on the transition to the beliefs I need to start my Reiki Healing Practice today. Thank You David for Sharing such a simple yet powerful excerise. Blessings to you and yours….♥

    • That’s great Sherri, and you are welcome. You have to start with the awareness, and now that you have that it’s as simple as saying yes to move forward and putting the action behind it. I’d love to hear back about what other breakthroughs you have in this process.

  99. I am always interested in ways and means of eleviating lack of income, we have a real estate business, and the problem invariably comes from lack of funds from banks, the clients are ready to purchase, but the banks are not interested in providing loans. Its a very tight situation, You as the realator work many hours in order to attract, focus and manifest on your client, and their needs, and they are turned away due to lack of interest from the banking institutions. Your costs have escalated due to advertising, show homes, provide feed back to the client on pros and cons of their properties.

    • So what can you do to change that story Sally? No one is a victim here and perpetuating the story with the words you used above won’t help to change your current situation. The reality is that there are ways to get exactly what you want. You just need to find out what you are resisting and make the decision to push through it. It’s the Law of Polarity in action.

    • I guess that depends on what you are looking for Debbie. Not knowing what your business or current situation is I really can’t begin to speak to what is right or wrong. Provide me more details and I’d be happy to let you know if this program is for you.

  100. I just wanted to send a great big Thank you! I just received the video “Blind Spot- Breakthrough!” in the mail.
    As well I must mentioned after listening to your “More Than Enough” video series on-line, I have hosted my first speaking event.
    three days after hosting this first event I received a sponsor to host my second one, which will be this Sat. I will be hosting it as well as speaking at it.

    I’m looking forward to learning even more from this new video series this weekend. Thank you again and many blessings to you and your staff.

  101. Hi David,

    I’ve been listening to some of your stuff and I believe in what you are offering — the problems are all created through our own perceptions and assumptions. So I tried applying your framework to a problem that I have and it isn’t working. Let me provide it, so you might be able to see where I’m going wrong here, and hopefully its an instructive example for others: I work in the USA under temporary employment, but wish to be an entrepreneur, however am not allowed to do this because it could violate my visa terms and get me in trouble. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get a green card.
    So [1] my problem is “I don’t have a green card” or “I’m not free to work in the US”.
    Then [2] Q: What are my beliefs about this problem? A: My employer won’t give me a green card / I don’t have enough $ to buy it thru investment / I would need to get married to get it / I need a green card to live & work here / I need to live in the USA / It is illegal to work without a proper visa / I don’t have freedom.
    [3] Q: What would I need to believe? A: It is possible to get a green card / I am already free to live and work in the USA / I don’t really want to live here. (the first being the obviously important one)
    [4] Q: What would I need to do to bring my solution to fruition? This is where I’m a little stuck– A: Figure out how to get a green card / live somewhere else. This doesn’t help me much because I’ve been seeking ways to do that for a while. Its not changing the reality that I need to find a way to get the green card even if it is possible. I’m not sure what the limiting belief is or whether this is just reality that I need accept, or that I just need to find better lawyers or other paths I haven’t yet found.

    – D.

    • Your situation is based solely on the laws that his country has set forth Daniel, but there are many people who find their way through it. The fact that you can visualize the green card shows that the ability to get it is already there. Perhaps there is something deeper within your subconscious that is wanting you to retreat and go elsewhere. If you truly have made the decision to earn the green card than the way to get it is equally present.

  102. Hi David,

    These videos are amazing, thank you! I’d like to share an ‘a-ah’ moment I literally just had from following the exercises in your first video.

    I outlined my problem: ‘I’m not charging enough/not earning enough to live comfortably’ and then I outlined my beliefs surrounding it. The thing is, I rushed the exercise and I had a feeling I hadn’t really dug out all the beliefs. I came back and reflected and finally realised that I believe that if I charged more, my clients would expect more and then be subsequently disappointed in my services. I am literally afraid to increase my prices! I didn’t expect that and to be honest it has made me feel uncomfortable. It really is a big belief and linked to my self esteem. I have outlined what I need to believe and do to change this situation and will work on this consistently until I see a change. I know I have the skills and experience so I clearly have a block in place. I will be back to let you know how I get on. In the meantime, thank you so much for helping me identify this.

    Best wishes,


    • That’s great awareness Elizabeth, and it is through that honesty where you now know what needs to be done. Looking forward to you raising your prices and charging what you’re worth.

  103. This video has created a shift in my mind. I sat down very stressed and fearful as I thought about my current problem but now see the solution is shifting my beliefs. I have done this before but forgot and so am glad to find these steps on your sight as I work better with structure. I truly appreciate of your taking time to share these videos.

    • You’re welcome Tirra. Glad you enjoyed the videos and look forward to hearing the many breakthroughs you will have along the way.

  104. Hey David! It’s spring in the South Hemisphere and it seems that you are a good partner for me this time of the year again! However, I do not feel so down as the previous. I’ve changed my daytime job in March, it was a big key to stop abusing myself in an abuse enviroment.
    I’ve learned new things about myself. I’m sure I am using all the tools that come to my way (EMF Balancing, Kundalini Yoga, your videos) to have access to the life I’ve dreamed.
    Recently I’ve been working on Anahata Chakra: drawing a mandala; physically working more on the upper back area in Hatha Yoga classes; breathing and breaking emotional shells in the area of the heart through Kundalini Yoga classes.
    I was able to recognize the rage of not being myself but what I thought others wanted me to. I said: -Enough!
    So now, listening with new ears the Law of Polarity it is a practical step to take and change my present right now. I’ll follow the exercise and then I’ll let you know.

    • That’s awesome Silvina! Keep doing these exercises until you master them to help clear through the clutter. It only keeps getting better!

  105. This is so simple and brilliant!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    I am eager to gain momentum as I use this exercise time and again!!!!

  106. OK! Finally figured out the problems of not being able to view the videos. I listened to the first 3 and of course they were phenomenal.

    Throughout the breakdown of “Oh, damn. I can’t see the videos” along with trying every avenue, whenever I got discouraged, I kept saying the solutions must be here. Just keep moving. The answered showed up by accident – are you kidding Frank. I kept thinking the Law of Polarity. I also modeled you David. It must be here. The goal is to be a model for clients so they can become free.

    Yesterday morning I woke up out of sorts after working with an organizer for 6 hours. Added to this we the inability to see the videos along with missing people for sales. Then the graphic designer for my telesummit bailed. Making $25K in a month did something to me. I kept saying the same thing over and over – the answer must be here. The money. They whatever. Opposites attract. Law of Polarity.

    At some point I stopped myself. Damn if I’m not in a lack conversation pulling me down. The environment syndrome. I told Diane. Look at this – so freakin’ sneaky, indsideous mind screw. Di I realize more than anything you’ve got to stay so on top of all of this – be aware this shit is happening because if you don’t in a heart beat your in the toilet thinking it’s really OK swimming around in the shit as long as you don’t really bump up against any of it. In a freakin’ heartbeat.

    Found a graphic designer with my new VA – God sent. Working with him with the intention of great things of come.

    I realized hey Frank get on the phones. Call people. Contact old clients even if you make only 5 calls today. Make it happen. Nobody else is going to.

    I never thought I would feel this way David simply because I never even thought about any of this.

    Working on Procrastination Busters Telesummit for the week of November 17, 2012. How 12 Entrepreneurs Over Came Procrastination to Become Wildly Successful.

    I’m working on this month for another $25K plus.

    Now that I can view the videos, I’ll be spending time tomorrow waiting out the hurricane to catch up.

    Thanks David.

    • Wow Frank, you surely said a mouthful. Glad you were able to get the videos to work; the Law of Polarity in action. Persistence pays off. You have come a long way and are really dialing it in. Stay on track keep growing everyday. I look forward to hearing much, much more.

  107. Thank you David. I’ve studied the Law of Attraction and read tons of self-help books. I feel like this video has the key to the solution I am missing. I can’t wait to try this.
    Sometimes I fear that not getting where I want to be means I wasn’t mean to have it. For example, if someone really wants to make clay pots for a living, and that is what he wants to do, but the clay pots are not selling, is this because he should be doing something else, or that he should approach the selling from a different angle? Even if he really wants to do it, maybe he should be doing something else, and that is why he is being rejected?
    It might be a silly example. I would just like some clarity as to how do you know if what you want to do is the right thing, that it is the best for you?
    Or is this confusion the ego talking?

    Thank you, and hope to reply with some good results soon!


    • Thanks for the comment Annie. The answer, in short, is you just know if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Does it juice you? Does it light you up? Only you can answer those questions and you can’t look outside of yourself for that. It usually is utter confusion created by some sort of story intended to keep you exactly where you are. Go through all the exercises in this series and report back on what you find out. The answer is already here.

  108. Hi… how “break” the cycle of doing the things that I don´t want to do any more? ….. procrastination, for example… or more precisely… doing, only “at the last minute” …. I paint only at “deadline” … I draw only when I “don´t have other choice” … I go to the supermarket, only when I don´t have nothing in the fridge… I do the laundry only at “deadline” …. etc… etc… I´m vitiated “on this kind of thinking”, “at the last minute” :o ( ….. perhaps my parents “gave me” the example … but, if so, why i continue doing it… I prefer painting with “time and serenely” …. I prefer having money in my pocket… not just “when I most pay the bill” … I prefer have a closet organised, or have my living room clean …. why I´m keeping doing everything to have what I don´t want?….. I feel, I have my “reasons” … and this schema it´s in itself a “balanced kind of leaving” a comfort zone …. copied and reproduced “infinitely” … but I most stop ….. even if I “don´t believe it ” ….. Thanks David for this “aware” about my procrastination …. I´m having a “heart-to-heart” moment …. myself to myself … “separated” yet but, sure, on my way to my “unificated” being …. Thank You :o ) (sorry for my english, I hope I was understandable :o )

    • You make the decision to break the cycle Isabeau. Right now you are tolerating something that keeps you safe, but it also keeps you in that same pattern. You procrastinate because it is comfort for you. From what you said though it no longer serves you. Make the decision to move through that pattern and continue to do so when your mind tells you otherwise. Keep me posted on what comes up for you.

  109. Hi David….
    I always find this type of exercise difficult. How to choose/define A problem? I seem to have so many and they are pretty interlinked! Then how do you work out what are your beliefs? Is that just another way saying why you think you have this problem? Maybe I need this training more than most! lol

    • What problem are you currently faced with Jennifer? That is where you start. Pay close attention to what you are feeling or thinking when you are in that thought. Those are the beliefs you have around that circumstance. Start there and report back.

      • OK… so I think my main problem is “My online marketing is not bringing in money”. As I type that I feel frustrated having tried loads of avenues and getting no-where, overwhelmed by all the advice out there, overstretched by all the programs I’ve signed up to. How does this translate into “beliefs”? What exactly are “beliefs”?

        • What can you do to get your online marketing business to bring in revenue Jennifer? Have you picked up the phone and started calling local businesses to offer up your services? Have you signed up your friends and family to help them in their businesses? There are plenty of avenues, your just not seeing them. Also, a belief is defined as a state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. We are given them at a young age and they are often deeply rooted in our families rules and patterns. You have a beliefs about your current situation, what are they?

  110. While I have heard this before, my listening today was timely. My upline made a radical departure from my company, followed by retaliation by the ceo. It has been unpleasant and I feel like I need to defend my friends, even though they did make a mistake. So, I will change some beliefs I have about the situation and move along.

    • Why do you feel the need to defend your friends Cindy? I’d be curious to hear what that stems from because it sounds as if it is really affecting you. I’m sure you know, you are not responsible for anyone but yourself.

      • Thanks for asking. It’s just that my upline had become friends, and they were viciously attacked by our ceo. It’s about money, as always, and while I understand the ceo’s corner, the way he went about things was vicious. I know my friends did not break the rule he cites intentionally, and the ceo is not following HIS rules of conduct and of business ethics. It’s just a mess. None of it is my fault, but do I condone the company’s behaviour by staying?

      • Thanks David, I agree it has affected me. My conflict stems from the fact that although I understand the ceo’s position, I do not agree with his course of action. It was punitive and retaliative, and not necessary. So, do I support my friends and leave, or do I defend my business I built and stay?

        • What do you WANT to do Cindy? Remove the story about supporting your friends or defending your business, and get to the core issue. That will give you an idea as to what your next steps will be. Until you get clear in that place you will not move ahead; believe me I see it all the time.

  111. Thank you David for a great mini series. I want to change from my current career to a new career and have taken stpes to start my new business. I began following the steps you outlined and some strange happened: instead of my new business/career taking off, my old business/career did. How do i shift my thinking so i can have my new business take off?

    • Of course it did Anna, because you are creating a distraction to keep you from doing what it is you truly want. You have to make a firm decision that you will stay committed to the new business because it is what you want to be doing. If you waffle even slightly, you will remain stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in. So, what will you do to make that decision stick?

  112. Oh, David, speak about timing. I am at such a low point right now. I did spend so much time (too much, I am sure) to make sure everything was perfect to begin my business and I was just beginning the launch with great excitement. As soon as I began, things just started happening to me. My mom passed away. My computer crashed. I took it to be repaired and now it just seems to be gone so there are some legal things. I really believe that I am causing this but I am not sure how but more importantly I can’t figure out how to make it all stop. After looking at this, I will focus on problems, beliefs, solutions, beliefs. I am so hoping that in looking at this with faith and logic that I can get rid of the awful mojo. thanks donna

    • Sorry to hear about your mother Donna, I feel for your loss. That being said, this isis known as the breakdown before the breakthrough. You can ask anyone of my clients; the moment they made a up-level decision to move forward all sorts of crazy started to pop up. It is all a distraction to keep you from breaking through. You are aware that you are creating each and every step along the way, but knowing it and moving through it are two separate things. Glad that you are making the effort to move through, but just know that these difficulties will continue to test you until you cross over that terror barrier. Keep me posted about the process and how things play out for you.

      • Thanks David. I can relate to things going awry and throwing the momentum. Very timely reminder that it’s all distraction and to move through it.

        • You’re welcome Jess. As tough as it is to hear sometimes, we create everything in our lives. It’s easy to swallow when things are going great; not so much when they dealing with grief or sorrow. In those instances especially. you have to move through them to see what is on the other side. You will own your power and be able to do it again and again. I appreciate the comment.

  113. Hi David,

    Where I get stuck is knowing what I would have to do to experience the new beliefs. For instance, my problem is that I am not making enough money right now. One of my current beliefs is that I have to DO a lot more in order to MAKE a lot more (and I’m already burning out with the amount that I am doing). What I would need to believe is that I can make lots of money whether I work a lot or not. My challenge is I don’t know HOW! What would I have to do to experience that new belief?

    • Yes Susanne, your belief system is preaching do more, make more. That is not the case. You need to rewire that line of thinking and the sooner the better. You said it yourself, you need to believe that you can make lots of money whether you work a lot or not. You don’t need to know the HOW, you just have to make the decision to move forward. What are you afraid of?

  114. Oh David… When you introduced me to the “Law of Polarity” via the Miracle of Money Magnified Course and BFLE, my life and business have taken quantum leaps! I used to charge $100/hour for my consulting services, now I charge $3,000/day and $15,000++ for one of my programs! The awareness created a shift inside me which gave me a totally different and empowering experience! This happened 3 months after Break Free Live Experience in Salt Lake City this year…

    Now, I feel that “the next level of the stairs” is showing up and I have made a decision to go for a sacred breakthrough… I am beginning to experience that and obstacles are showing up… Ironically, the obstacles that show up relates to still coming up short at the end of the month despite now having high paying clients. You have made me see that we train our clients how they should treat us. This exercise has made me see that because of the time intensive and one on one nature of what I do as a Brand Marketing Strategist, I have an underlying fear that if I take on more clients, I won’t have enough time with my 10-yr old son who I am homeschooling.

    I also tend to have a challenge with where to find clients to call since most of my clients find me in social media and are referrals so they call me. My new belief is that many people are waiting to hear from me and it’s time to get from behind the computer and talk to more people… THANK YOU for this incredible reminder… It couldn’t have come at a better time…

    • You’re welcome Emma. And congratulations on your successes coming out of BFLE-Salt Lake. Your message is so much bigger than perhaps even you realize, and your gift is sorely needed. You absolutely have to get out from behind the computer and engage your audience in a more personal way. Social media is important, don’t get me wrong, but people are not buying based on the amount of followers you have on Twitter or the number of likes your Facebook Fan Page has. They are buying the person; they are buying the dream. What will you do today to make those connections?

      • Thank you sooo much David for this video series! OMGosh… I literally set my alarm to wake up at 3am today just to watch Videos 3 and 4. What’s so special about this is that not only are the videos powerful and of excellent quality, going through the comments and actually reading YOUR personal response to each of them is almost like a “Private Intensive” with you! Thank you for the gift…

        When I read your comment above, it moved me to tears… especially when you said, “Your message is so much bigger than perhaps even you realize, and your gift is sorely needed.” I believe this with all my heart and soul, David! My awareness has increased drastically ever since I met you and not one day passes when I don’t read or listen to any one of your courses and seminar recordings. Even my 10-yr old son would always tease me, “Mom, are you reading (listening or watching) David Neagle again? He watches you too and is familiar with your many teachings now!

        So yesterday, as I eSigned my commitment to D7, Tier 2, I was terrified to death… I am still going for my “sacred breakthrough” of finding my own place and I took the first step by actually visiting communities I wanted to visit and I actually FOUND THE PLACE I know I would love to live in… It’s a luxurious, safe and highly energized and inspired townhome community in one of the more affluent neighborhoods in our area. As soon as I did that, the terror barrier screamed, “Are you nuts? You just committed to D7 and you’re looking at this place? How in the heck are you going to pay all your financial obligations, pay your team, pay your monthly business expenses and take on so much more expenses?” My body was literally shaking from fear… then I watched your videos and I yelled back at my terror barrrier, “You are not going to stop me! I am getting on the other side where I belong and I am not going to listen to your lies!” I contacted the Management Company and told them I would like to start the process to qualify for the townhome, and I immediately signed my D7 document! Then the invite for the first D7 event came in my Inbox and I was like, “Golly… really? I want to go there too, but how?” Talk about insidious!!!

        Then I read your comment again and I couldn’t answer your question: “What will you do today to make those connections?” All of a sudden, I realized this is where I am stuck… I didn’t know who to call as I’ve been used to people coming to me through my online presence. I had a radio interview yesterday and more invitations for interviews so I do get leads, but leads who are not warm enough. Now I realized that I want to be able to courageously pick up the phone and know who to call and what to say when I call and know what specific program to offer them. I know if I master this area, the possibilities are endless! Okay, back to watching Video 4… THANK YOU so much David!!!

        • Wow Emma; you had quite a few days. The key in all of this is that you made a decision and continually say YES. The more you do that, the better your life will be. You are changing your environment, congratulations to that. You just need to capitalize on the leads you are getting from your various speaking interviews. Pick up the phone and dial every single person on your list and don’t hang up until you get a yes or a no. It’s how I got my start, and my motivation was to change my environment for the sake of myself and my family. We are not all that dissimilar Emma, so just do it!

          • Oh David! You have no idea how you and your teachings have intensely been my “Pillar of Strength and Guidance” for the past week! I am crying right now because my “Sacred Breakthrough” is happening and I am starting to feel the FEAR. Since BFLE, I made a decision to move forward with my life, to leave my marriage of 14 years and for the first time in my life, live on my own with my 10-year old son and my 80-year old Mom. I started looking online for reasonably priced apartments that didn’t resonate with me. I knew I was settling. In my research, I found this luxurious apartment community in a very affluent neighborhood – my dream neighborhood actually – and armed with your teachings on “Law of Polarity” – I courageously made an appointment to see the Property Manager and did a tour of the elegant flats/units which were double the price of what I was prepared to pay! I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time, asking myself, “How am I going to pay for this, on top of my other obligations?” “How are you going to tell your husband you are looking for a new place?: I went through the motion, holding on to my belief, almost hearing your voice, “Whose voice is telling you that you can’t afford it?”

            Went home, and spent 2 days thinking about it and decided to submit my application which required a non-refundable deposit. In the back of my mind, I was thinking maybe I won’t get approved… My sub-conscious was so fierce and I could literally hear the conversation in my head so I TOLD IT TO SHUT UP as I am going for it anyway and I will not be stopped!

            Last night, as I hit the “Submit” button on my application, I had this huge knot in my stomach, because I HAVEN’T TOLD MY HUSBAND that I am looking at places. In his mind, there is still a chance he can save our marriage. I love him dearly and have sooo much gratitude for him and everything he’s done for me in pursuit of my dreams, but I can’t see myself expanding my life with his attitude of lack. He knows I am preparing to leave and as soon as he realized he was losing me, he started reading “The Millions Within” and I can see he’s changing. He’s really trying. Now our son is saying to me, “Mom, I don’t think I can live without Dad everyday.” and my Mom is saying, “How are we going to survive on your income that’s not quite consistent and regular?” I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience!

            A few minutes ago, I received an email from the Property Manager which said “Congratulations, You’ve Been Approved”! I started balling and weeping… the reality is here and I am literally shaking… I am now questioning my decision… could it be possible for people to change? Am I just being tested? I asked the 4 Questions and I seem to have gotten 3 yes and 1 no but the idea of hurting my husband is UNBEARABLE and it’s paralyzing… It’s difficult to think straight right now :( It’s hard for me to be THIS transparent in public but to have your insights which could also help others who are in the same situation is worth it and is absolutely appreciated! THANK YOU for your time, David!

  115. Just completed the first video and thank you David! What I loved is that when there is a problem, and the bigger the better in some ways – as it challenges me to breakthrough that wall – and embrace the solution. This is also about expansion and more – which is what I believe we are all about. Very exciting knowing the solution is there, a ‘no matter what’ stopping me from taking that action, in alignment with my purpose and gift to the world. My action is to get out there, away from the computer, and talk to people – my solution is booking more speaking gigs and offering my breakthrough coaching to individuals, and create a ripple effect of living life to the fullest.

    This exercise also brought up other beliefs – and I’m blasting through these with your beautiful and powerful exercise.
    Namaste David

    • Excellent Moira, do you have an idea of who you are going to call first to book your speaker slot? Get clear on who that person is, take action, and move into that powerful energy. The longer you wait the more your ego is going to want to keep you at bay. Looking forward to hearing back as to when your set to take the stage.

  116. Thanks, David! Just yesterday I began re-listening to your Miracle of Money program while on a road trip with my husband. It really shifted things for both of us and helped put us on a more prosperous path. Then, this morning, I got your email with the videos and felt compelled to watch and do the exercises. WOW! These deep-seated limiting beliefs were certainly holding me back! As I begin to let go of the fear and step out from behind my own computer, I can feel a whole new world of prosperity coming forth. Thank you so much, David.

    Continued blessings to you,


    • You’re welcome Aimee! The beliefs can be so deeply entrenched that shining any sort of light on it can mean all the difference. You have identified the pattern, so the next step is to make the decision and take the action. What does that look like specifically for you? I look forward to a reply back.

  117. Thank you, David. Once again you have challenged me to get to the core of my blocks, busting through my distractions. RJon’s description of seeing the solution over and over again along with the exercises you gave have given me the concrete next steps I am taking right now (literally as soon as I’m done writing this comment) to break through what’s holding me back. As you know, I have a ton of fear associated with going after what I want. But it’s unfounded fear – I know that. And I’m doing the work anyway. Thank you for your belief in all of us and being who you are to deliver the message so many of us need to hear. I’m looking forward to the results of this! It’s going to be a really fun ride, and I am so excited.

    • I love it when people are challenged Kyra, it’s where the breakthroughs come fast and furious. Of course, it also stirs up those situations where worry, fear, and doubt are prevalent. You have to push through it or else you will continue to repeat the damaging cycle. Believe in my belief that you will get what you desire and keep saying yes. Keep me posted here as to what the experience is like for you.

  118. Your case study was a real owie, I too get great results with clients from both of my businesses and know that I do good work but I am not experiencing the kind of revenue I need to thrive in the way I want to. I’m off to do the exercise now. Thank you for this David, much appreciated.

    • The exercise will help you Elly to get clear on the direction you need to go and achieve the level of success you desire. It sounds like you bring your clients to great places through your work, you are just not capitalizing on your gifts. Charge what you are worth and see where you go from there. I look forward to hearing more.

      • Wow, amazed at what happened today. I did the exercise, wrote it all down and then went on with my day. One of my problems was to do personal relationship. When my partner came home something had shifted in him (he did not know I was doing your videos/exercises as I work at home and he works miles away) and we have become close again. I was ecstatic! And yet I hadn’t said or done anything apart from your exercise.
        Now I am looking forward to a shift in my work and I am about to watch Video 2. Thanks again.

        • That’s great Elly. It is amazing how even a minor shift in ones thinking can free them in important areas in their life. It sounds great that the relationship piece is falling inline, now it is on to the business piece. Be sure and report back on any obstacles that pop up on your way to success. Keep going!

  119. This video series is perfect timing for me. I am moving through sacred breakthrough part 2. The exercise in video one took me much deeper into the beliefs that are hooked in to my keeping my problem, and see how simple the solution is. I already know it, I already have it, and this 3 step process on the law of polarity will help me keep moving. I’ll be back in 7 days with a report on my results.

    • I look forward to hearing the results Diva. It definitely does hook you in ways that promote a shift. Here’s to finding that in your life and business.

  120. This is so crazy. I was just saying to myself out of complete frus-
    tration that I have to find the answer. I remember the Art of Success I that I listened to that said the answer was always inside of us and we just weren’t aware of it so I started quieting my mind and the answer came to me and told me that I had all of this talent and I wasn’t using it. I kept hearing, “It’s inside of you. Don’t be afraid to pull it out.” Then I open up this email and I know I’m on the right track.

    Thanks David. May you Always be blessed to continue what you do.

    • For sure Simone. Don’t ever be afraid to pull out your gifts and share them with the world. Looks like another perfect message brought to you by the Universe. I look forward to hearing more of your a-ha’s as you dive into this process.

  121. You are once again a master at simplifiying things for greater understanding. I to have heard you describe this before, even a few times, yet I must be more ready to integrate or you just simplified it even more. Always grateful for your brilliance in my life – I just need to speed up my end to meet your momentum, my “Mo’mentum”. Thanks David!

    • You’re welcome Mo. This message can be a tricky one for some because they are just not ready to take it all in. You can speed it up or slow it down, whatever works best for you. Just know that the exercise is meant to get you to that place where manifestation comes into your life in a way you never thought possible. All it takes is action and the willingness to get there. Thanks for the comment.

  122. “Freaking hell! Not another one,” I muttered when your video series landed in my in-box. I decided to watch it. This simple Q & A exercise made me (an intelligent woman) feel stupid! The solutions stared me in the face. I know what my problems are, but I was (note, I said ‘was’) focusing on them — the problems — rather than the solutions. Having them written down where I was able to step back and absorb the words is beyond ‘Ah ha’, hence my feeling stupid. I’m over it now, but the most earnest thing was consciously being true to myself in believing that I believe that I can attain my heart’s desires. That in itself is profound.

    They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thank you for appearing, David.

    • You’re welcome Cherry-Ann. The intent is not to make you feel a certain way, but the fact that ‘stupid’ came up for you twice in your reply may say something about what may be holding you back. I challenge you to not judge yourself in any way, but reflect in that moment what you can do to move through your problems. It is a new way of thinking, and takes practice, but I have no doubt you can get there. Thanks for the comment.

  123. Despite hearing your inspiring words over and over again, I always thought I was not enough…not good enough…didn’t know enough and I focused on lack. No wonder then I ended up broke! My thoughts have shifted since attending a powerful event and I am taking action on the things I would previously put off. I am working towards a life of abundance now.

    • What does working towards a life of abundance look like for you Valerie? I allow you to open up in this space to be specific as to what it is you actually want. I am glad the shift has taken place, but it can breakdown very quickly if you don’t have the action plan in place. So, where do you go from here? I look forward to hearing back.

  124. Thanks David,

    How does that saying go, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come” or something like that and you are an AWESOME teacher David. I’ve been watching a few of your videos now and learning quite a bit especially when you say for every problem we have, the solution is already there, we just have to change the way we look at it. I guess realizing the solution to every problem is right there is my “aha” because now I just refrain the question to look for the solution. And, your exercise is great and I loved that you gave us an example because that makes it even easier to follow. Thanks David for All You do for Us. I really enjoy your videos.

    • Thank you Gina. Great a-ha, and just know that it will serve you well moving forward. Keep on enjoying the videos and continue to share with me the breakthroughs you experience along the way.

  125. Hi David,
    Thank you for the exercise – I worry I found it too easy – yes you are right stuck in fear! Going through a really deep valley at the moment and made lots of mistakes getting into online marketing (lost money I couldn’t afford) so fear and procrastination are choking me and keeping me from moving forward. The exercise helped I will now endeavour to feed the wolf I want not the one I don’t. I am going to get moving and re-invent myself so my particular talents can be turned toward helping others make a difference. I have big plans (want to bring Nan Akasha to Australia) and finish my forthcoming book but no income was stifling me. Your exercise opened up the possibility of taking responsibility for my actions, realizing FEAR is false evidence appearing real and facing the fact that procrastination is making me fail by myself raising obstacles and allowing myself to be distracted. Very grateful and can’t wait for next video. By the way, Nan sent me this first video! so many thanks.

    • This is a great place to start Nikki. I’m curious, why do you believe you found the exercise to be too easy? It doesn’t have to be hard, unless you want it to be. Just beyond that deep valley is a tall peak, so with decision and action you will get there. How long it takes is entirely up to you.

      • In response to your curiosity – the answer is because of my background I was familiar with the overall concepts and had done other exercises in the past that were similar so, I just went through and did it. I astonished myself – how far I had wandered from my path and how much I had put down over the journey to end up in a place where procrastination and fear were choking me. I found it simple and welcoming is all! I have a new goal on my list and that is to meet you in person one day! Cheers and best wishes.

        • Thanks for the info Nikki. I just wanted to make sure that the ease of your completing the exercise was not in relation to avoiding a major block for moving forward. It isn’t supposed to be difficult, but your insidious ego will do what it takes to keep you stagnant. I look forward to meeting you as well. Perhaps in Dallas for my next Breaking Free Live Experience … all it takes is a decision.

          • No I’m afraid not Dallas! Just back from a holiday in the US. I live in Australia, so now must start on my path and build some income then, after that maybe at another of your events!

  126. My aha moment is when I understood that EVERYTHING in this universe has an opposite. I’ve heard this phrase before in churches however I really understand now what it means. Thank you David for this video. I am excited to try this technique. I could feel it working alread.

    • The Law of Polarity is a big smack upside the the head for sure Losaline. It is key to moving forward in those times when you are just spinning your wheels. I look forward to hearing how you play with the law and what comes from that. Thanks for the comment.

  127. Thank you David. Your video was a great help. Thanks for reminding me that the solution is already there. I need to prioritize, focus on 1 project at a time, decide on a plan of action and Write it down. Then take Consistent action Daily. Thank you.

    • You bet Fatou. The solution is always present, you just have to bring it into your awareness. Here’s to your committed and consistent action. I look forward to hearing the results of that decision.

  128. Hi David,

    Thank you for doing these videos. I love hearing you speak – your message and wisdom is so profound.

    I went to Break Free Live in Utah and had a huge breakthrough.

    Proof is in the results amen all over that!

    Much Gratitude.

    • You’re welcome Karen! I appreciate the praise and am glad you experienced big breakthroughs at BFLE. Indeed, the proof is in the results.

  129. Thanks so much for sharing this video David, it came in perfect timing, I have been struggling these past weeks until last weekend I realized that that for every problem, the solution is already here and things have been moving along better, things are shifting. It is definitely about how smart we spend our time and I am aware this is something I still need to be more firm and discipline at it, being a very creative person and having a business at the same time.

    • You are welcome Marita. Timing is everything and I am glad it found you when it did. There is no need for you to struggle because the solution to any of your situations is always here. The Law of Polarity doesn’t work half the time; it works ALL the time! I appreciate the comment and look forward to hearing more.

  130. Deeply grateful for the shift into allowing my own visibility in creating the experiences of living my purpose and manifesting the abundance that will allow me to help others do the same. I feel the value of my work and my own power to bring it to Life. Thank you.

    • You are welcome Cory. Congratulations on creating the experiences you desire in this life and accepting the abundance you knew all along would be yours. There is always more to come. I appreciate the comment.

  131. David, this video was really helpful. The content was great and the energy really inspired me. Rjon’s story was great and the resonance between you and him during the dialogue (when he was sharing his success) was uplifting.

    Also, the specific examples of responses at the end of the video were incredibly helpful. Here’s why: I did the exercise and then my ego said “I’ve got this nailed”, then I watched the examples. It was clear to me that I had not been tactical or specific enough. I had made general statements like “the universe will provide” and when you gave the concrete examples, I realized that I needed to be much more specific and take more responsibility for taking the specific actions needed to reach the goal on a daily basis. THANKS!

    Jeff Fischer

    • Thanks for the comment Jeff. I love how you shared the examples piece and how your ego was working to side track you into the ‘knowing’ of all things. Providing detailed answers during the exercise makes a huge difference because you become emotionally attached to the outcome. It really does pay to have a fine attention to details when working to bring things into manifestation. Good awareness and I look forward to hearing more as you continue to dive in.

  132. Hi David
    I love the way you blend practicality with wisdom and spiritual insight. I am ready to commit to following through your wisdom and teachings and transform my life big time!! I will keep in touch and let you know what transpires.
    Cheers Carol Wood

    • Thank you Carol. Exciting to hear that you are ready to commit to the growth and take the transformation to a whole new level. What does that look like for you? I look forward to hearing back.

  133. My big a-ha watching the video was that God wants me to have the thing I need and want more than I do. That totally feels true and inspired me to get over the discouragement of others and myself, and get back at it! I did the exercise and I feel rejuvinated and hopeful again! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Excellent Tanisha, it feels great when you finally get that realization. You were not put here to struggle, so once you find that which is holding you back it is not only liberating, but it brings you closer to your true hearts desire. The gift is in the decision and taking the required action to make it happen. Sounds like you are on your way. I appreciate the comment.

  134. Thank you David. This exercise helped to make me really realize that I knew the solution before and that I need to make a plan to execute the steps required. Without a plan nothing happens. I will change my working habits so that I can get more done, prioritize and receive the abundance that is mine.

    • You are welcome Trudie. It is time to reframe your story and take action to achieve what you desire. Now that you have the plan, where will you go? Would love to hear more about the results you get from the plans you have brought into your awareness.

  135. Wow, this is great. Thanks so much David. Makes me realize that I was asking myself the wrong questions and feeling bad in the process. The quality of your questions really helped to surface the main issue I was struggling with which helps me achieve more insight and clarity in the struggle. Thank you for generously sharing your insights!

    • Happy to hear that Brownie. The questions are set up to bring you the clarity you spoke about, so for that congratulations. I look forward to hearing the answers to the questions you were asked.

  136. Hi David this is all great
    However when you described how your life was, maybe this was the reason why you made the changes.
    What about the people whose life is just ok, no problems, great parents, not real struggles, have always had things in their life and life was much easier in comparison to many other people.

    Often people make changes when their life is falling apart. It is much more difficult to make changes if you are comfortable getting by. (even thought you want to)Things are ok yet you want more but at the same time ok if you don’t get it ummmm if it makes sense.

    • Happy to hear that things are going great for you Sukhy, but you found this video series for a reason. You don’t have to be in a difficult place to make changes, and truthfully in the position I am in currently I too am continuously making changes. If you are not changing -adapting – growing each and every day, then you are not fulfilling what it is that you desire.

      • Thank you David
        Yes its true, I am comfortable, I would love to bring more abundance in my life to allow myself to be more than comfortable. I love my work offering people personal development courses but it’s just my work I have time for and nothing else. I can help everyone and tell them how they should do things, I am fantastic organiser, but it is interesting when it comes to me and organise my life its different story, but love listing to your inspirations. I would love to email you one day and say David I made my first million ;-)

        • What does bringing in more abundance into your life look like Sukhy? What do you really want to be doing? It sounds like your j-o-b isn’t lighting the fire for you. When you use words like ‘its just my work’, it confirms that you really want to be doing something else. Now, you will have to take risks to get what you truly desire but in those moments you find that your true passion was there all along. Use that to guide you, and I’ll stand by to get the million dollar email!

  137. I can easily identify the problem. It is also relatively easy to identify a number of beliefs about that problem that keep it in place. I struggled with the opposite beliefs until I realized that I just had to take my current beliefs and reverse them – like reflections in a mirror. The “to do” list is a bit larger leap, but I am working on that. Very helpful video. Thank you very much!

  138. Thanks, David! I found this video to be very helpful. Ideas and solutions were beginning to pop…thanks for the inspiration.

    • I love it when the ideas start to pop Dorothy. Happy to be an inspiration…there is more where that came from! I appreciate the comment.

  139. This is very timely for me. I’ve been going through what I would describe as a “dark night.” The odd thing about getting into this “I just can’t figure it out cycle” is that the more you tell yourself you can’t figure it out…the righter you are! This is a great reminder about mindset and perspective. It also occurs to me that this is a huge betrayal of your truest self in the sense that by concentrating on the problems, we drift farther from our service in terms of giving our gifts and talents.

    My first problem was finding the time to develop my business. Much like you experienced, I’m working long hours for not much money in order to support the time between developing and actually launching. I need more time to concentrate, so quitting my job would give me the time…the second problem is conquering the fear that the biz will fly, so naturally the third is creating the belief that it will fly and I will find my market. That’s the big unknown…the time between launching and success. So there’s fear here.
    I’ll keep drilling down on this and let you know…thanks so much…having a structure to work with is amazing.

    • Yes Jeanne, continue to drill down because you are getting closer to the core issue with each passing minute. It’s obvious that you need to make the change, but the fear is creeping in, which of course leads to doubt. This is nothing more than a lie to keep you exactly where you are. Is that where you want to be? If not, burn the ships and make the decision to move forward.

      • Doubt for sure…a big case of the “not enough’s’.” Throw in a couple of rounds of the “what ifs” …”what if I don’t succeed” … “what if I run out of money and have to live under a bridge”…which usually ends with “What if you don’t and look back at 80 and ask “what if you had just burned the ships and done it.”

        I thought about this a lot last night as I was making the list and also discovered I set myself up with busy work, so I can pretend I’m overwhelmed…that’s a dandy little limiting technique. That way I never have to confront my “I’m not enough” fear which is the real battle here.

        So you’re video has brought me to a scary commitment. I’ve decided to cut back to 2 days a week at work starting Nov. 17th. If that doesn’t work for my boss, then it will be my last day at work. Wishing you had some sort of blog or forum for your students, so I could post about this journey….it would serve as an accountability factor and hold my feet to the fire…anyway, I’ve lit the match. Thank you David.

        • Well done Jeanne. Now that you have made the decision to cut back on the distractions and laser focus in on what you truly want it should feel empowering on many levels. Here’s the thing, you need to continue to take committed action even when it feels safe to retreat. That is what it means to burn the ships, and it is the only way to free yourself and bring you what you want. With the match lit, it is about to get wonderfully hot in here! Congrats to that.

  140. Thanks David. Working with expanding the process of “what would I need to believe about this problem to find my solution”. I think this takes practice and creativity! I plan to play with this one more and more!!!

    • You’re welcome Laurel. It surely does take practice the first few times you use it, but the more you do the easier it becomes. Especially if you are clear on what solution you desire. Looking forward to hearing what comes of your exploration of the exercise.

  141. This was a great exercise. I was able to take a deep breath, and really dig deep for answers to the beliefs in your exercise. I was wondering, how important is it to determine why I have created this problem, and how it presently serves me? Or, as I take the action steps in Step 4, will that solve the problem?

    • Thanks for the comment Astara. You really don’t need to know the answer to why you created your current situation, mainly because it is in the past and you are focused on the present. As you go through this exercise again and again you will gain more clarity and see what needs to be done to create the life and business you want. Allow the process to show you what’s next, and have faith that you will be taken care of. Source doesn’t want you to struggle.

  142. David, this is so timely you are on it with asking the right questions. I am amazed at the clarity I have now to move forward with what makes my heart sing. I have had a concern with what to start on, how to price and belief in myself. Wow what a tremendous help! Much appreciation for you and this video many many times. I ‘ll keep you posted on my work in progress.

    • Please do keep me posted Farzana. Also, you can only start from where you are. Each step will lead to more distractions from outside sources, designed to keep you in a holding pattern. Resist going backwards, plot the direction forward and stay committed. You’ll see the results appear almost immediately; or when you want them. Thanks for the comment.

  143. David, THANK YOU for this exercise!!
    I had no idea what to do. I was at a complete standstill.
    Doing this exercise completely changed my perspective regarding my financial situation. Looking at it from a different angle, I realized that I was giving my power to people and circumstances that I cannot control.

    Just this realization opened my mind to the possibilities that I CAN take action on.
    Things became clear to me.

    I am not sitting and waiting for someone else to decide my fate any longer.
    I am now open to see the possibilities. Because of that shift in my thinking, even though I’m still feeling scared, I am moving forward boldly with my own plans.

    Thank you for this generous gift!

    • You’re welcome Louise. Just remember that those feelings of fear are there to remind you just how close you are to killing your limited belief pattern for good. It’s a defense mechanism from the ego, and if you keep walking through it there is now way you can fail. I can’t wait to hear back from you the more you incorporate this exercise into your daily life. I appreciate the comment.

  144. Thank you David, I used this exercise to work thru one work, one emotional, and one relationship issue.
    Each of questions and their answers seem to lead to a simple solution. Now, I’ll implement them and let you know how it works out. Thanks! All the Best!

    • It truly is powerful when you use this framework Christina. Keep me posted on the implementation of the pieces you’ve gathered and share those experiences here. It will make all the difference.

  145. Doing the exercise myself first, when it came to “what I need to believe about the problem if I had the solution,” I wrote down the direct opposite of the limiting beliefs I had written–beliefs I noticed in my head as I thought about the problem. (Problem = getting the actual hours of work done to bring in the income current projects can bring in.) Like: for “Work is hard” I wrote “Work is easy.” For “I might not be good enough at this” I wrote “I am definitely good at this.” I had 12 limiting beliefs and so wrote out 12 constructive beliefs. As I did, I definitely felt my energy shift and become more free. That was great! Then, watching the exercise example, I saw that the new, constructive beliefs in the exercise weren’t just opposite/positive beliefs but were actually different in content from the limiting beliefs in the exercise. That is, my shift was great, but the exercise was showing more of an upleveling kind of shift. I’m curious to know more about this.

    • That seemed to work very well for you Carolyn, so congrats on the deeper awareness. Now, each time one of those limiting beliefs enter into your field acknowledge it for what it truly is and move though it. The more you engage in this practice, the more your muscle memory will kick in. This is not a one-and-done exercise. I appreciate you sharing and look forward to hearing more.

  146. Hi David. Thank you for your simple rapid unravelling of this principle. The video is a superb mind jerker! Only yesterday I realised that the solutions to my financial struggles are there under my nose. This video has confirmed this before I slipped back into doubt. At the moment all our income is eaten up with bills and we desire a luxury relaxing life with holidays and ‘more than enough’ to spend. I’ll keep you posted and can’t wait to get the Art of Success. Big hugs and thank you for sharing.

    • Please do keep me posted Sylvia. Once that doubt creeps in it’s like a disease and will derail you from what you want in this life. Hit the NEXT button and trust in what you desire. Thanks for sharing here.

  147. I am digging deep to find out what I believe about earning more money – I think I need to keep digging. On the surface, I know what I need to do, and THINK I’m doing it, but I can still outspend my earnings, with very little effort!

    • When you think you are there Eileen, always dig a little deeper. Have you heard of the concept of ‘three feet from gold?’ The information you seek is not at the surface, it lies further within. Continue the exercise and see what you find.

  148. This is great David I’m writing these 4 steps right now. I’m actually takn out time to answer and delve into this. This is really a godsend. David you are a godsend, thank you very much all your help and contribution to all of us.

    • Thank you Gloria. The key is to get very clear with the answers to those questions and take steps to bring them into your life. I appreciate your post and please keep us informed on how the exercise works for you.

  149. Thanks for a great video, what I found most profound was that, as you mentioned “the solution was there all the time” and that these were the exact things that I had been procrastinating and being very non-specific on in the past, I guess because I had never really connected them to solving my problem. Simply, Highly Effective and Transformational. Thanks Again Owen.

    • You’re welcome Owen. What many people do when they become aware of this is that they judge themselves for ‘not doing it sooner.’ In truth, you are now ready to move forward and what happened before this is only a story. Best of luck to you and please let us know how it goes.

  150. Hello David!
    I loved this video exercise. I just attended your Breaking Free event in Palm Springs a few weekends ago and had some invaluable insights from that, which I’ve already put to use in my life and businesses.

    Today’s exercise reminded me of a breakthrough I had about abundance, and how I got to it and was able to create one of my best-selling, far-reaching aromatic formulas. Prior to creating the Aromatic Alchemy formula I had been commissioned to produce, I immersed myself in the audio of ‘The Science of Getting Rich Through The Power of Creative Thought, by Wallace D. Wattles, listening to it around the clock with the sound turned down just below my conscious ability to hear the words, so it was going into my subconscious mind. Through that I uncovered a single event in which I had decided at the bedrock level of my being not ever to be rich again if it meant that other people had to suffer for it…’poofed’ it…and went on from there to create my blend formula Joyful Abundance, a powerful resonance with creative plane abundance!

    I did your exercise today and found in step 1 a belief about being in a romantic partnership and being in business. Holy cow, I found the belief that I have to be alone to accomplish my professional goals. And interestingly enough, the decision to have a successful, beautiful, ever-loving fellow adventurer is one of the things I identified at Breaking Through as one of my primary goals. So, having found this unconscious belief that I have to be alone in order to really succeed in my business endeavors is a tremendously important thing to uncover if I want to have both business and relationship success! The new belief I found in step 2 is “Everything is so much more fun and vibrant with my awesome man in my life.” And being a Sagittarean lady who has a PhD in fun, that is a huge driver for me! Thank you so much for giving us these gifts of yours, David. You seriously rock! I’m looking forward to giving you my next update (no pun intended).

    • Great awareness Diana. Going through each of these four steps can really alter your thoughts and put you back on the path you were destined for. Already looking forward to the updates during the process. I appreciate the post.

  151. Hi David,
    I used the exercise you SO generously gave us here. I have been feeling so tired and literally fatigued this morning as I was preparing for my keynote this evening. My fear of not having enough energy to deliver my talk was clearly getting the best of me and draining more energy from me. I was starting to feel stuck in my story. Your video couldn’t have come at a better time!

    Once I stepped into the solution, I remembered I needed to take my vitamins, focus on the people I am speaking for and be in my truth that I am a great speaker…and audiences love me, as no one can deliver my message the way I can! I remembered being blessed with standing ovations, and how spirit flows through me when I simply just allow it. Within a few minutes, I started to feel more energized as I stepped into my vision and excitement for speaking to a full room. I am releasing any and all concerns right now and know that it’s going to be great! Thank you so much David! May you always be blessed for this incredible work that you do! With love, Stella

    • Excellent Stella! I appreciate your comment here and am happy that the video came at the perfect time for you, but then again, it always does. Best of luck with your keynote and thanks for sharing.

  152. Thank you so much. Usually there is just a pitch to get the products and little help until you get those products. This exercise was really helpful and I am going to do it again. I was down in the bumps before it and now I feel like I have some energy and inspiration to face the problem and solutions as you say. I’ve wanted to work with you for a while now. I’ve not canceled your emails, as opposed to canceling most as they fade and seem like just more clutter in my inbox. I’m still hopeful. I like how you don’t push yourself so hard. You seem to give a bit more than push and be a real approachable person.

    Again thank you so much for this. There’s got to be hope. I feel a flicker and that’s a lot more thank I’ve been feeling lately.

    In sincere appreciation,

    • You’re welcome Marina. I always come from a place of service in all that I do and it shows with the results my clients achieve. I push those I work with to help them achieve their true desires. It really doesn’t get much sweeter than that! Thanks again for the comment and I look forward to the day you make the decision to work with me.

      • Thanks David – I loved the exercise and this comment also. I also love how I can be of service and pushing others to their new level and you are so right- it doesn’t get much sweeter. IN the exercise I could see if the solution was there I would truly believe that I was loved by God and fulfilling my God given purpose and that I am worth that and that I can do that.. So now to the Doing. To believe that and act on it- Making clear blocks of time in my day where Nothing gets in the road – and not missing One day. To never leave my vision behind every again No Matter What.

        • That’s a start Prem. Taking committed action will bring you closer to the result, as long as it is inline with what you desire. You cannot quit or backtrack when resistance shows up, you must push through it, as you said “No Matter What!”

  153. Hello David,
    Thanks for the step-by-step exercise.
    Success IS all about changing our beliefs and knowing we can do it – we ARE doing it!
    Thanks for pointing out the blind spots – again.

    Much Success,

    • You bet Lisa. Those pesky blind spots go away the more you identify what is holding you back. And if they get replaced by new ones, you have the effective tools to manage and move through them. Thanks for the comment.

    • Excellent Jaime. Be sure to come back here and post the results of this exercise so we can get a sense of what you were able to move through. The proof is in the result. Looking forward to it!

      • Hmmm. I’m not intellectually challenged by any means, but for the big problem I addressed, the only solution I see for going from current beliefs to potential beliefs is “get a bunch of money” ($20k,, to be precise) – which leaves a few steps missing, to say the least. :)

        I’m sure there’s some subtlety I’m not able to see there.

        • For sure Michael, but only you know what that next step is. You know what you want, now you have to take action to get it. So, what does that look like for you?

          • Take time out of the equation and dig deeper. The answer is already there, but you insist on saying it isn’t. Break the cycle and find it. There is nothing random about anything; everything happens for a reason.

  154. Thank you, I needed this reminder! My breakthrough is feeling like I have too many projects and not enough hours in the day. Always struggling to get ahead and just “putting out fires”. I have been driving around with the miracle of money in my car… and now today will listen to it!

    • Listening is important Kim, but you have to be ready to hear it. You have created this situation for one reason or another, and the struggle must be serving you. If it wasn’t then you would be able to let it go. Get clear on what you want and see the exercise through to its entirety. I want to hear back on what came of it.

    • You’re welcome Leatrice. It really is a simple thing, but our minds will try to convince us that it is not. Tell yourself in every situation, it’s already here. That is the Law in action.

  155. This is great now that has given me something to work on and monitor my progress, Thankyou David I have been asking God this Question over the last couple of days and it popped up today, Wil

    • You have to take action on this Wil or you will continue to get the same result. This exercise only works if you work it. Thanks for the comment.

  156. Hi David,
    What’s funny about this exerc. is how very often we get stuck in step no. 1 – the overwhelm of the problem and the fear. Our knee jerk reaction is to seek the solution outside of ourselves. This is a great reminder to really go within, where all our answers truly do exist. Our mindset holds they keys to our mastery. Great process to get you there. My favorite kind, simple, yet profound. Thanks for the reminder!

    • You are welcome Chandra. Since you created this reality, it makes perfect sense that the solution is already present. Just a matter of putting your finger on it and moving ahead. I look forward to hearing all about your clarity.

  157. Great questions! Things have shifted positively in my business lately, and these questions define what’s going on so I can shift more quickly. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment Kim. Once you identify the shifts that take place in an exercise like this one you will be utterly amazed by the speed at which you uplevel. Pushing through the obstacles that your ego will create to side track you brings you one step closer to what you want. That is the breakthrough!

  158. I love this, David! I’ve heard you talk about the Law of Polarity many times, and yet, in this video, you broke it down into a tangible, practical lesson, complete with exercises! Thanks for this. It’s simple and easy-to-use.

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